You Drink What? Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives


My co-worker is trying to live a healthier lifestyle and so naturally he asks me (the girl who almost always has a salad at work for lunch) about non-dairy milk alternatives.  I advised him to keep an open mind since people often think vegan/ vegetarian substitutes will taste like the “real thing.”

Please note vegan/ vegetarian substitutes are not the same thing so they cannot possibly taste the same.  They may have a similar quality such as a texture, or similar notes but often times they will not taste exactly the same.

I did however advise him to try almond milk since he mentioned he did not like the taste of coconut milk in his cereal.  From my experience almond milk has a subtle taste compared to other non-dairy milk alternatives such as coconut milk and hemp milk.

My favorite non-dairy milk alternatives are homemade almond milk (less preservatives, but I settle for store bought if necessary) coconut milk, hemp milk (I only consume this  for the health benefits since after all these years I still do not enjoy the taste,) and walnut milk which I make myself.


This one has the simplest ingredients no guar gum and a bpa free can lining

Here is my favorite easy homemade almond milk recipe (no nut bag necessary, however I do sometimes soak the nuts and strain them with the nut bag from time to time)

Easy Almond Milk Recipe

2 tbs 100% almond butter (raw is best)

2 cups water

1-2 tbs agave, maple syrup, or your favorite sweetener (optional)

1 tbs Vanilla (optional)

Combine all your ingredients in your blender, blend to smooth, and enjoy!

*Like most natural products this is not meant to stay in your fridge long so drink up

Peace & Love,


Esther J

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