Weekend Recap; Another Birthday Celebration

Hello Loves,

Lately there seems to be an event or activity to go to every weekend.  So I came with an idea.  For every weekend event I attend, I will do my best to share with you the experience in a weekend recap.


This weekend we celebrated my friend Stephanie’s birthday.  We (Stephanie, Rachelle, and I) met up around my way and headed to the Rusty Scupper in Baltimore, MD to have brunch.  Unfortunately our entire group of ladies were running fashionably late so we missed our reservation which happened to be the final seating time.
Since, we were still in the mood for brunch and we were already in Baltimore we decided to dine at Miss Shirley’s Café.  I’ve heard great things about this restaurant and the yelp reviews are pretty good.
The menu options exceeded my expectations.  I had the Crab Cake Eggs Benedict which comes on fried green tomatoes instead of an English muffin. The waitress agreed to swap out my hollandaise sauce for remoulade sauce and black eyed pea succotash for hash browns.  This scored Miss Shirley’s extra points in my book because some places give you are hard time when you try to swap out items associated with a meal on their menu.
I have no complaints about the service.  Our waitress was friendly, honest, and attentive.  I definitely recommend coming here.  Beware that you will need to pay for parking throughout the downtown Baltimore even on a Sunday.  By the way we got hustled by a guy on the street whom we paid for a parking pass, because he told us a car was leaving soon but there ended up being no parking spot lol. (We should have known better, do not make that same mistake)
After we enjoyed our mimosas and brunch we headed to Hyattsville for a block party.  We got there a little too early but we ended up hanging out, laughing, and listening to good music. I even got to try Jamaican ginger wine for the first time, and it was pretty tasty. Overall the vibes were cool.
Of course some of us had to go to work early yesterday so we ended up leaving the party early 🙁 Naturally as we were leaving around 9 pm people were starting to make their way to the party.
I was able to get very little footage before my phone died check it out below:

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Did you do anything fun?  Comment below, I would love to hear from you.
Remember you only have one life so live it beautifully.
Peace & Love,
Esther J

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