Restaurant Hopping in Shaw DC| Weekend Recap

Hello Loves,

This past weekend I had a wonderful outing with my girls Farah and Sarah. We started off by going to see the new Tyler Perry movie, Nobody’s Fool. The movie quite hilarious, however the ending could have been a little better in my opinion.

After the movies we headed to Broccoli Bar which is a new restaurant that emerged from the collaboration of & Pizza and Broccoli City. I have eaten at & Pizza numerous times and attended the Broccoli City Fest in the past.  I actually enjoy attending both so I was excited to try out this new restaurant.  Unfortunately, the ladies weren’t in the mood for pizza so we decided to explore the options Shaw had to offer by foot.

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We then decided to eat at Fish Scale.  This is a small restaurant with not many options on the menu however we liked the idea that the ingredients where sustainably grown, raised, and caught.  I had the crab cake sandwich with a side of kale kimchi, sweet potato chips, and lemonade.  I really enjoyed that the crab cake was not breaded instead it consisted of mostly pieces of lump crab instead of fillers.  

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Afterwards we went to Calabash which is an herbal vegetarian cafe with lots of teas. This was the highlight of my day.  I really enjoyed the vibes from this place very casual, earthy, healing, and positive. I definitely felt high from the vibes, and no they don’t smoke in there.  While I was there I had the Love Potion Chai and Pumpkin Ginger Bread.  Both were scrumptious.  I also purchased some sage so I could get my smudge on lol.  I definitely can’t wait to go back to this place.

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Once we left this place, we went back to Broccoli Bar for drinks.  I had the Grace Jones without ice.  This drink was really good.  I gotta come back here the next time I am in the mood for pizza and drinks.  I also loved that they had a DJ.

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We ended our outing by going to my favorite vegan spot NuVegan for some food to eat later since we were so full from earlier.

Overall I had a wonderful time exploring what Shaw had to offer. By the way I discovered that Shaw is historically an African American neighborhood in Washington, DC.  I cannot wait to go back here to explore some more.  I also just found out that this week is actually Black Restaurant Week for the DMV area, low and behold Fish Scale, Calabash, and NuVegan are all black owned businesses 🙂

Did you try a new locally owned restaurant in your area this past weekend?  If so I would love to know which one, leave the name of the restaurant in the comment section below.

Remember you only have one life to live so live it Be-U-tifully by being you to the fullest.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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