Fast & Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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Many will agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  A healthy breakfast can give your morning a boost of energy or can leave you cranky and bogged down for the rest of the day if you skip it or opt for an unhealthy highly processed one.  For a few years now I have made breakfast a priority to avoid eating the first unhealthy item my eyes connects with. Once you get the hang of making breakfast every morning it really becomes second nature.

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Time Saving Hacks For A Busy Morning

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I am not proud to say this but I am late a little more often than I would like to be.  I am working on doing better so I added a few things to my daily routine to help me get to places on time.  Here are my time saving hacks:

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How I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight

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I am currently on a journey to lose a few pounds, tone up, and be consistent with posting on my blog.  So the tips I am sharing in this post are versatile.  You can use them to motivate yourself to lose weight or apply them to any area in your life where you have a goal. This could be anything from becoming healthier, changing your lifestyle, getting a degree, or getting your dream job.  Whatever it is here are my tips to help you get closer to your goal:

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My 2017 Travel Wishlist

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Summer is my favorite season, especially since I tend to travel more during that time.  I will be going on quite a few trips during these upcoming months so I thought I would share my travel wishlist.  The locations I do not visit this year are on my wish list for the future.

Check out my travel wish list:

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5 Natural Hair Products I Can’t Live Without

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Since I am always looking for ways to improve my health, I do not limit that to just my food intake, I also try to implement this principle with what I apply to my body externally.  After all your body is your temple right?  That being said I try to use products on my skin and hair that have mostly natural ingredients.  In the future I will create a blog post with what natural skin products I use.

Until then checkout the 5 natural hair products I cannot live without:

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10 Things That Make Me Happy

I am all about living a positive, healthy, and happy life. I am very grateful for everything and everyone in my life so I decided to list 10 things that make me happy:

  1. My Family and Friends. I love hanging out with them whether it is going to dinner or just hanging out, often times more than not they put a smile on my face.

2. Spending quality time with my boo. Whether we are hanging out at home or at a restaurant, spending time with him makes me happy.


3. The beach. I love feeling the sand beneath my bare feet, I love laying on the beach soaking up the sun’s warm rays, and I love hearing the soothing sounds of the ocean’s waves crashing in the background.

4. Vacation.  I love waking up in a foreign place while learning new things and exploring the new surrounding I am vacationing in.  It feels great to get away from my normal day to day routine. (I just hate flying lol)

5. Tea. A nice hot cup of tea just warms me to my soul.  Tea calms me and always makes me feel better.  Plus it is healthier than coffee.

6. Singing & Music. I love singing to and jamming to all types of music. I especially love jamming to Reggae, Konpa, African, and Pop music. (I listen to other types as well.)

7. Being creative.  I love being able to create something new. Whether it is drawing, painting, a DIY project, writing a song, creating a dance routine, or whatever else that allows me creative control.

8. Event Planning.  I love planning events and hosting them, this allows me to nurture my creative side as well.

9. Dressing up.  Who does not love getting all dressed up to go somewhere nice?  I love putting on make up, throwing on a cute outfit, and heading to dinner or a lounge etc.

10. Brunch.  I live for this!  Well not literally but I am all for trying out a new brunch spot or hosting brunch.  I wish brunch should be everyday!  I love mimosas, crepes, and home fries.

Bonus. This may sound corny but I actually really enjoy blogging more than I thought I would.  I am constantly thinking about what my next blog is gonna be.

Reflecting on what makes me happy makes me appreciative of everything in my life and gives me a different aspect on my life. There are a lot of other things in my life that currently make me happy however for the sake of this post I kept it at 10.  Hopefully this inspires you to write down things that make you happy. Comment below on what makes you happy.

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Spring Break Trip To Miami

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I decided to try something a little different for this blog, by sharing my recent South Florida trip with you in a vlog!  My brother, bestie, her kids, and I we went to South Florida and stopped in Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, and Bradenton (sorry I don’t have any footage from that leg of our trip.)  It was a short trip but definitely was a much needed break from the cold weather up here, in Maryland.

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How To Deal With Haters

Let’s face it everyone has haters. You know what I’m talking about those people who always want to rain on your parade when you are in an excellent mood or that person who always has something negative to say to you regardless of what mood you’re in.  No matter how nice or lovable you are, human beings have the ability to find the pettiest reason not to like you and make you feel like you do not deserve to be happy.  But guess what!  It is not your business to find out why they do not like you or to even worry about them not liking you PERIOD.  Their nasty attitude is a reflection of their self and their insecurities.  You cannot allow these people to steal your joy.

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Healthy Snacks To Help You Get And Stay In Shape

With all the unhealthy options surrounding us, it makes it difficult to eat healthy let alone snack healthy.  The best way to stay on track is to plan ahead by bringing snacks along with you everywhere you go.  I have a serious sweet tooth so I keep snacks in my house, in my desk at work, in my car, and sometimes in my purse. This way when a craving strikes I am less likely to buy a doughnut at the local coffee shop or eat that cupcake my coworkers brought in to celebrate someone’s birthday with.

Do not get me wrong I am human so occasionally I do go out and get that doughnut that has been calling my name, however if I already have something to satisfy my sweet tooth readily available I am 9 out of 10 times more likely to avoid falling off the wagon.  By choosing to eat what I already have, this will not only help keep off extra pounds but also will help me save money .  Since I am trying to cut out my habit of buying unhealthy food items all together I thought I would share a list of my favorite vegan, non genetically modified, and minimally processed snacks with no extra chemical additives. Read More

9 Tips on How to Pack for Vacation

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner, which means vacation season is officially here!!! Can you tell I am sooo excited??!!! I have a few trips coming up back to back so I thought I would share my tips on how I pack for vacation:

Check the weather

Check the weather forecast so you can plan your outfits accordingly.  It would suck to not have an umbrella if its gonna be raining.  You may need a sweater in case the temperature drops at night.  Avoid any potential surprises by simply checking the weather.

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