Heels & Health Brunch

“At a young age we are taught that soul food is the unhealthy death food that many of us put in our temples.  But what is real soul food?  Real food is food that enhances the soul, our central sun, our melanin, our carbon, fruits, vegetables, grains this is the real soul food” -Dr Sebi

If you’ve read a few of my blogs you can tell I am very invested in health.   I stopped eating meat years ago, I only eat seafood from time to time but I am working on moving towards being vegetarian/ vegan full time.  Since people are always asking me for advice on what to eat to lose weight or get healthier, my best friend Rachelle, my cousin Geraldyn, and I decided it would be a great idea to host a women’s Health Brunch.

My Top 5 Favorite Fruits to Get Fit

Summer is right around the corner.  In an effort to get fine by summertime,  I thought I would share my top 5 favorite fruits which I will be eating more of to tone my body.  I plan on eating these raw or throwing them in my smoothies.  Below I also provides some of the benefits of eating them:


Not sure if its because I am an island girl but mangoes are so sweet, juicy, and yummy.  I can not get enough of these.

  1. Mangoes alkalize the body by reducing acidity.
  2. They are high in Vitamin C which increases the bodies ability to absorb iron.
  3. They strengthen the  immune system and increase eye health.

How to Become a Happier Healthier You

I am always looking for ways to be happy and improve my quality of life. Here is a list of things I am already implementing or currently working on implementing in my life:

Going To Bed Earlier

Studies suggest getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night.  This makes you less tired and cranky.  I aim to get 7.5 hours per night but often only get about 6.  I find that sleeping 9 hours or more makes me even more tired.

8 Simple Life Changes To Lose Weight

I work the typical 8-5 Monday through Friday desk job where I am constantly sitting down for long periods of time and I constantly have my eyes glued to a computer screen.  My daily challenge is taking as many steps as possible in a day. Cue in my Fitbit Charge 2 which I love and use to track the amount of steps I take daily.  I aim to get around 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day.  I also love that my Fitbit sends me reminders to take a stroll when I am sitting too long.  (This is not an advertisement for Fitbit by the way, but I would love to collaborate with them some day in the future :-))


Other than using a Fitbit or some other type of physical activity tracker here are my top tips to keep moving throughout the day to become a healthier more fit you:

Walk As Much As Possible

If you are going somewhere a couple of miles away.  Walk there.  Park your car as far as possible from your workplace or wherever your destination is (of course make sure you aren’t in a time crunch.)

I park in a parking garage across the street from my place of employment not only is it cheaper than the garage attached to my workplace but I also get more fresh air when walking to work which can boost my energy levels.

5 Ways to Deal With The Death/ Loss Of A Loved One


Recognize it is ok to cry

Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Cry, scream, sing, run, walk, workout, or do whatever will allow you to exert all the emotional energy you are harboring. Just let it out! Your emotions are valid so do not try to suppress how you are feeling, as long as it does not involve anything illegal or anything that causes harm to others.

Reminisce about the good times

Although your loved one is no longer physically here on this earth with you, your memory of them and how they made you feel will remain with you forever. Remind yourself of all those great memories you shared with that person. Know that they will always be with you in spirit, watching over you.

You Drink What? Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives


My co-worker is trying to live a healthier lifestyle and so naturally he asks me (the girl who almost always has a salad at work for lunch) about non-dairy milk alternatives.  I advised him to keep an open mind since people often think vegan/ vegetarian substitutes will taste like the “real thing.”

Please note vegan/ vegetarian substitutes are not the same thing so they cannot possibly taste the same.  They may have a similar quality such as a texture, or similar notes but often times they will not taste exactly the same.

I did however advise him to try almond milk since he mentioned he did not like the taste of coconut milk in his cereal.  From my experience almond milk has a subtle taste compared to other non-dairy milk alternatives such as coconut milk and hemp milk.

An Intro to My Blog


Well hello there beautiful! Welcome, welcome to my blog Yes, Her, Esther J. Some people would call me a jack all trades I have an office job, part time retail position, and a seasonal part time job. I am also a certified zumba instructor, certified wedding planner, I also plan non-wedding events, sing, and choreograph. I am very excited to now add that I am officially a blogger!!!!

Here is a little background on how it all started:

People who know me, often come to me for advice about health, fitness, or to provide them with creative ideas for their events. A few of my friends and family members have told me in the past on several different occasions that I am knowledgeable enough to start a blog but I was not interested in that idea at the time and would simply brush it off.

I then played around with this blog idea in my head last month for a few weeks and I could not dismiss it. The universe was giving me signs left and right pointing me into this direction. So I thought why am I fighting this? And of course the negative thoughts began to surface. Then one day I decided why not me! So here I am beautiful people ready to open up and try something new in this world hoping to make new friends along the way.

Here we will be discussing fitness, health, music, creativity, and all things lifestyle according to moi. I hope you will join me on this journey to becoming the best version of me I can be and I can only hope I inspire you to become the best version of you, you can be.

Peace & Love,

Esther J