My Favorite Phone Apps And Why I Love Them

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Do you ever think about how much time we spend on our phones daily? I noticed today at work once everyone hops on the elevator we immediately go to our phones. I also noticed so many people glued to their phone screens while walking outside on a beautiful sunny day, which could potentially be dangerous by the way. Yes I am also sometimes guilty of using my phone when I should be concentrating on being present but I feel apps were created with addiction in mind. So today I was inspired to share my favorite apps and why I love them. Keep in mind I am an android user.

Below are my favorite apps which I use daily:

IG AKA Instagram

I love the ease of scrolling through pictures and videos.  This social media platform allows you to keep up with family and friends in a cool way.


I use this app daily for most of my conversations. You can create groups with this app, easily share videos and photos with people on your contact list, and it currently features a disappearing 24 hour status similar to that of Snapchat.


This is a GPS app, which I find has shorter routes than Google maps at times. However, be aware that this app gives you routes through neighborhoods, which I guess is how they cut down on route times. Another great feature on this app is that it notifies you of any potholes, speed traps, police in the area, and etc.


Let us be honest here, who does not love Youtube? I use this thing almost every day to hear my favorite songs, watch interesting videos, and I love watching vlogs.

Cart Wheel

Have you ever walked into Target for one thing and end up walking out with a bunch of other stuff you had no intentions on buying? Well that is me at Target, Costco, and a lot of other stores but mainly at those two. At least with Target’s Cart Wheel App you will save some money.

Out Of Milk

I love using this app for my grocery shopping list. You have the option to temporarily cross off items on your list so you can uncross them when you need to add them again or permanently delete them from your list. I love that you can create other lists with this app such to do lists, pantry list, or even start a recipe book.  This app definitely helps me stay a little bit more organized.


I love creating stations and listening to my favorite music on this app.

P Tracker

Have you ever visited your gynecologist only to be asked when was your last period and you are like uh… Well P Tracker is here to save the day! All you need to do is record on the app calendar the day your period begins and the day it ends. You can also use this app to track your symptoms before, after, and during.

I hope you found some of these apps helpful.  Comment below with some of your favorite apps.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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