How To Stay Positive In A Negative World

Hello Loves,

When people see you focusing on living a positive lifestyle, some people think that you do not experience negativity.  This is far from the truth!  We all experience negativity every single day.

The difference is I choose to focus my attention on remaining positive.  Yes certain situations are more painful than others but after allowing myself to process my emotions, I start analyzing the situation.  What can I learn from this?  How can I move forward from this?  What should I do differently?

Here are my tips on how to remain positive in a negative world:

Take Out The Trash

People who know me know I do not watch the news.  It is filled with way too much negativity.  It is depressing enough to make you not want to leave your house! If I need to know something that will affect my life there are other media platforms I will hear about it on and I can research it from there instead of dealing with the “breaking news” loop clips beating the situation into my head.

Any shows, songs, or anything else you feed your brain that are negative, remove them from your routine or at least limit the time you dedicate to them if you want to remain positive. It may not be as simple as turning off the television or turning off the radio. You may need to even un-follow some people on social media.  Just get negative media as far away from you as possible.

Feed Your Soul

Instead of emotionally bingeing on garbage, increase your intake of positive media to nourish your soul.  Listen to uplifting music, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and follow pages on social media which focus on being positive. Look for things that will help you become a better you.

Friends & Family Are Not Exempt

If someone in your inner circle is always bringing you down, whether it is a family member or a friend they can exit stage left.  You would not keep your hand on a burning fire flame right? So why would you subject yourself to someone who does not have your best interest at heart? 

It maybe hard to distance yourself at first but it will get easier with time. Just limit your interactions with them.

Switch Up Your Inner Circle

Unfortunately, in most cases you cannot get new family members but you can make new friends.  Take a new class, hang out at your favorite places, and find groups which focus on your passions.  In these places you should find people with similar interests and possibly new people to hang out with. Or hang out with the positive people already in your life.

Good Vibes Zone

Surround yourself with inspirational messages.  I have notebooks, planners, and other with positive messages.  These days items with inspiring messages can be found in almost every store or you can make a diy project.

I love Yogi tea because they have a positive message attached to every tea bag.  I often keep my favorite messages and arrange them on my desk.  I also write down any quotes I like on sticky notes and post them on my desk so I have positive reminders throughout the day.

Indulge in Self-Care

Make time to care for yourself.  You should definitely be Number One in your life. If you do not put you first, why would anyone else? Focus on praising yourself. Cheer yourself on, compliment yourself, and meditate to remain balanced.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Comment below, I would love to hear what you do to remain positive?

Peace & Love,

Esther J


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