How To Stay In Touch With Friends Who Live Far Away

“A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness, as long as the relationship lives at heart, true friends will never part…” -Unknown Author

Hello Loves,

One of my best friends recently finalized her traveling plans to visit Maryland for my birthday. I am extremely excited to see her since it has been at least 2 and a half years since I went to visit her in Atlanta.  Some people believe long distance relationships do not work but I definitely believe long distance friendships work.  All you need to do is maintain that friendship.

Below are my tips on how to maintain a long distance friendship:

Plan A Trip

Alternate between visiting your friend and having your friend come visit you. You can even agree to meet somewhere for a vacation.

Whats App

This is definitely one of my favorite apps that I use to share links, send text messages, make phone calls, and video chat nationally and internationally without incurring all those extra fees phone companies love to charge.  Use this app to share photos and videos with your friend.

Social Media

Whether it is Snap Chat, Instagram or Facebook you can send direct messages to your friend and share links you found on that site.  Facebook also has video chatting capabilities. I personally prefer video chatting on Whats App.  Not to mention you can feel like you are a part of the special moments they share especially if you are not able to make it in person.


This is a video messaging app that works similar to a text message.  You can send a video message at anytime and your friend can view it at anytime.  This allows you to pick up right where you left off.

Text Message

Busy but have your friend on your mind?  Send them a text message or a bitmoji.

Phone Call

What better way to keep in contact with a friend who is far away than calling them to catch up.  I find time flies when catching up with my friends on the phone, before you know it hours have passed.

These tips are not just limited to long distance friendships, try them on your romantic relationships, local friendships, and family. relationships

What are your favorite ways to keep up with friends that live far away?  Share your tips below.

Peace & Love,

Esther J


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