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For me Target is rarely ever a quick 15 minute trip.  Last night I went to Target for 3 items and I walked out of there with only 1 of the items I actually needed and 9 other items which were not on my list.  I know I am not the only one who gets sucked into the Target trap. However, I will mention that the items I bought I could not pass up on since they were pretty good deals. Which lead me to share with you my tips for saving money at Target. 


Pretty much every store accepts manufacturers coupons.  I get these mostly from circulars or online.


This is a completely free Target app you can use to get special deals in store which may also be combined with other coupons and in store deals.  Simply download the Cartwheel app, add the deals you would like to use, then scan the bar code provided at checkout.  Simple and easy.


Whenever I come here I check out the clearance sections first then I continue shopping.  The clearance sections (usually at the end of the aisles) are where you will find some of your favorite food, household, beauty items, and other items marked down. You maybe pleasantly surprised at what you find.

Dollar Spot

Now this is where I can go a little crazy sometimes.  This section often has tons of cute little trendy items which you may not have a use for.  I have learned to ask myself “What am I going to be able to fit in this cute little bin?” and “Where am I going to fit this little bin?”

Hey I do need to practice some type of self control right?

Note:  Keep in mind not every Target has the same items in store especially in the clearance and dollar spot sections so it is best to check out different locations from time to time.

Bag Discount

Every time you bring your own bag you get a 5 cent discount.  It may not be much but hey every little bit counts especially since in Montgomery County Maryland and Washington, DC you are charged a 5 cent bag fee when you do not bring your own shopping bag.


I am seriously thinking about signing up for the debit version of the Redcard, since I shop at Target at least once per week. This card offers 5% cashback on all purchases made with it. There is also a credit version of the card but I do not need any more of those of course. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Feel free to comment below, I would love to hear any other tips for saving while shopping at Target.

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