How To Recover From Vacation

Hello Loves,

I literally just returned from a Caribbean cruise vacation and of course getting back into the groove of things can be a little challenging.  I realize sometimes you need a vacation from a vacation.

Here are my tips on how I recover from vacation:

Make A List

Create a to do list of things that you need to get done to transition back into your regular schedule.  Remember when you tackle tasks right away you no longer need to worry about it.  

Take An Extra Day Off

I like to take an additional day off after my vacation to reset, reorganize, unpack, and get back into the swing of things prior to heading back to work. This also allows additional time for possible travel delays.


Unpacking will make you feel very accomplished instead of putting it off until later. Personally, I feel like a monkey is off my back once I unpack since everything will be in their proper location. 


Do the laundry as soon as possible.  Hopefully you will not put the laundry off later than the day after you return from your trip.   

Take a Nap

All of the hustle and bustle of traveling on travel day can leave you feeling exhausted.  Taking a 30 minute to 2 hour nap maybe just what you need to feel refreshed.

Reminisce and Relax

Take time to review your photos and reflect on your vacation.  You can post pictures on your social media if you are up to it and catch up on what you missed out on while on vacation. Hopefully, you were unplugged from the world of social media when you were on vacation.


Go grocery shopping.  You do not want to start off your return by eating out even more than you already have while you were on your trip.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for recovering from a vacation.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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