How to Overcome Being Overwhelmed

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Living in this world, it is so easy to be overwhelmed with the different situations being thrown at you day in and day out. Constantly dealing with everything from work, school, family, relationships, etc, it can be very easy to feel like you are way in over your head, ultimately leaving you feeling drained. That’s life right? Well I recently found myself in a position where I felt depleted and I had no choice but to take time out to nurture myself during this vulnerable period in my life.  Of course this does not happen everyday but when it does, being prepared helps you avoid feeling helpless.

Here are my tips for overcoming being overwhelmed:

Unplug yourself from the noise

We are often times deeply plugged into this world/ media around us, through our phones, computers, televisions, gossip, etc.  These things can through off our frequencies.  In order to vibrate at a higher frequency, we need to completely turn off these external factors periodically in order to ground ourselves.  Do not feel bad about this. It is absolutely ok to turn off your phone, delete the apps on your phone, block calls, and cut off anything which is affecting you negatively whether it be temporarily or permanently.  You need to protect yourself from these energy zappers.

Reconnect to your source

When your laptop dies after it has been unplugged from it’s power source for too much time, what do you do?  You plug it back into the electrical outlet.  The same thing applies to you.  When you are losing your energy, you need to reconnect to your power source which is nature.  Go outside, let the fresh air fill your lungs, feel the grass underneath your feet (this is called grounding), meditate/ pray (you know I am a huge advocate for meditating), gather yourself, and center your thoughts.  This will allow you to put things into the proper perspective.

Develop a ritual

Create a ritual that works for you.  This past weekend I used sage to clear out the negative energies in my home. I must say it felt amazing and refreshing instantly.  I was immediately in a better mood. Shortly after, I lit some incense and I meditated for 15 minutes which I don’t get to do during the weekday because of my busy schedule ( I normally meditate for 5 minutes in the mornings.)  I felt so balanced afterwards, my head was clear, and I felt happy.  I loved the results so much so that I will be doing this every weekend moving forward.

Say no more often 

I must admit this is a struggle for me.  But I am learning that no, is a complete sentence.  No need to explain yourself.  Just simply say no to anything that does not resonate with your spirit. If you don’t want to do something do not feel obligated to do it.    You do not owe anyone anything, except for yourself.  You must be true to you because who else is going to look out for you and protect your energy?  I’ll wait… exactly.  Remember one of the best ways to take care of yourself is to guard your energy.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  If you have any tips to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed.  Please leave your comments below.

Remember you only have one life to live, so live if beautifully by being you to the fullest.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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