How To Deal With The Holiday Blues

Hello Loves,

Summer (my favorite season) is almost over and fall is right around the corner.  I know you have walked into some stores to see Halloween, Thanksgiving, and yes even some Christmas decor items already up for sale.  For some people this is quite an exciting time, but for others this can bring about a classic case of anxiety.  (Cue in the suspense music.)  If the mere thought of the holiday season overwhelms you, then you could be on your way to experiencing the holiday blues 🙁

Here are 6 tips to conquer your pre-holiday blues:

1. Live In The Now

Be present by focusing on the current moment at hand.  Worrying about the future which has not yet arrived will only make you more anxious. With that said go to happy hour with your friends, blast those tunes that make you dance, and continue living your day to day life.

2. Plan

Most of the stress from the holiday season comes from a lack of preparation.  This season take the initiative to plan by creating a budget, making lists to stay on track, shopping early, and scheduling your holiday events. There is no way to escape the holiday season, however during this busy time do not spread yourself thin, stick with your PLAN!!!

3. Enjoy A New Activity

Take a new cooking class, go zip lining, learn to salsa, do something exciting that is not a part of your normal routine. Who knows you might meet a new friend or two.

4. Travel

Maybe you live in the same place where the daunting holiday memories took place.  If this is the case, try traveling to a new place to create new memories.  A new surrounding maybe just what you need to start feeling better about this season.

If you do not have enough paid time off or the funds to travel, why not try a staycation?  Book a hotel for a night or two, make a spa appointment, and try an exotic cuisine.  You can even ask a friend or your boo to tag a long.

5. Find Your Inner Happiness

Meditate, write down your feelings, and spend time getting to know yourself.  When you focus on what makes you happy you will be able to spread the holiday cheer to others. Believe me positive energy is contagious 🙂

6. Join A Support Group

If you are experiencing holiday grief due to the loss of a loved one, joining a support group could help.  Being around others who share your pain can provide solace for your broken heart.

Try or your local hospice to find support groups.

Hope you found this blog post helpful.  Do you have any tips for getting over the holiday blues? If so feel free to comment below, share, and like this post.

Remember you only have one life, so live it beautifully.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

  • Special thanks to my cousin Ketsia who helped me create this post.

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