How To Deal With Haters

Let’s face it everyone has haters. You know what I’m talking about those people who always want to rain on your parade when you are in an excellent mood or that person who always has something negative to say to you regardless of what mood you’re in.  No matter how nice or lovable you are, human beings have the ability to find the pettiest reason not to like you and make you feel like you do not deserve to be happy.  But guess what!  It is not your business to find out why they do not like you or to even worry about them not liking you PERIOD.  Their nasty attitude is a reflection of their self and their insecurities.  You cannot allow these people to steal your joy.

Here are some tips on how to deal with haters:

Be Unbothered

Whether you are doing good or bad people will always find a reason to talk about you. The truth is you just need to be unbothered by these haters.  Do not dwell on their negativity, just let it roll off your shoulders, and keep doing what works for you.  I understand this is easier said than done but what has worrying about your haters done for you other than make you sad and second guess your decisions?  If what you are doing feels right in your heart, do not concern yourself with what others say about it.  People will always have an opinion.

Realize They Are Green With Envy

When someone tries to cast their negativity towards you, it is because they see you shining in your element while they are not.  They are jealous that you actually took the initiative to work towards fulfilling your heart’s desires so they try to implant a seed of doubt in you to slow your progress down.

Bye Haters

Unfortunately, sometimes haters maybe someone close to you like friends, family members, or a combination of both.  Do not feel obligated to deal with them. You have permission to distance yourself from these haters.  If you get burned while using a stove, your innate reaction is to immediately move away and you become cautious whenever you get around the stove in the future because you do not want to be burned again right?

It is bad enough having to battle your inner demons, you do not need outside noise to further fuel this negative dialogue.  So avoid these negative Nancys if possible.  If you are bound to run into this negative person somehow, be cordial and limit your precious time around them.

Move In Silence

Be great, be successful, and don’t tell people your next move.  Sometimes you need to make moves without letting people know, this way they do not know what to expect and they have no time to react beforehand.  Not everyone wants to see you win.  These haters will make you think your next move is not possible.

Everyone Is Not Your Friend

I learned this the hard way.  I always wanted to be liked and wanted everyone to be my friend.  Life made me realize this is not possible.  Although I still try to see the good in everyone, I know that everyone does not have my best interest at heart.  Some people get close to you because they see an opportunity to use you towards their advantage.  Some people get close to you so you can let your guard down long enough to trust them with your insecurities which they later will use against you.  With other people you just can’t figure out their motive.  Make sure you guard your heart and know yourself well enough to feel when something is off. Like attracts like and energies do not lie.

Know The Difference Between Hate & Constructive Criticism

If someone always has something negative to say to you about you every time they see you, they are a hater trying to bring you down.  On the flip side, if someone is offering you constructive criticism with a possible solution to resolve an issue they may see, do not be afraid to explore their option if it feels right and makes sense to you.  If you do not want their advice you can always ignore it or let them know not to offer it in the future unless you ask for it.

It’s Your Life

Live it how you choose.  Life is just too short to focus on anything negative.  So move to the beat of your own drum.  Start that new idea you have been putting off, open that business, join a book club,  apply for your dream job, whatever it is just do it!  No excuses.

Just as I stated in the beginning of this post everyone has haters.  Take it as a sign that you are doing something right.  So remain true to yourself and be unbothered.

Hope you found these tips helpful.  I would love to hear how you deal with haters in the comment section below.  Please do not forget to subscribe.

Love & Peace,

Esther J

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  1. Preach Esther!!!!

    On a good day…after I’ve had my talk with Jesus…I kill ’em with kindness… can’t say the same for “not so good days.” He’s working on me..smh

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