Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Edition

Hello Loves,

Not sure what gifts to get people on your shopping list for this holiday season? Check out my list for some inspiration (most of these gifts fall in several categories, so these are just some ideas):


1. With the new year rapidly approaching comes the typical lose weight/ be healthier goal.  Help her out by getting her a yoga mat.  This will encourage her to workout by not only doing yoga but floor exercises as well.

2. The sun does not show up only in the summer, so some polarized sunglasses would make a great gift.

3. Who wouldn’t want to unwind after a long day to a lovely glass of organic wine?  Ok so this doesn’t have to be organic, I just like to eat and drink organic when I can and encourage others to do so if possible 🙂


4. If there is a man in your life who has to dress up for work or church even, a nice dress shirt could always come in handy.

5. Since it’s quite chilly out, why not get him some tech gloves, so he can text without having to take his gloves off.

6. Or if you want to splurge a little buy him an insulated North Face Jacket.


7. The American Girl Dolls have been popular for quite some time now. Growing up I loved playing with dolls like most little girls still do today.  So a gift like this is classic.

8. I have seen helicopter drones being demoed in the mall, and they are actually quite cool for an older kid. Even an adult who is a big kid at heart could enjoy this gift.

9. I love giving younger children Leapfrog Toys especially since they help with their developmental skills.


10. Who doesn’t need noise cancelling earbuds in their lives?  These are great when you are driving, at work, or doing something that requires your hands to be free.  You can get expensive ones like these or cheap ones like these.  I prefer the cheaper ones since I tend to always misplace mine :-/

11. Help your loved one save money from those daily trips to get lattes by getting them a milk frother.  The frother also works for dairy free alternative milks 🙂 This machine will allow anyone to make the drinks that they would normally get from a cafe from home.  Plus they will know exactly what ingredients are in their drinks.  Perfect for those trying to become healthier.

12. The Amazon Echo is that cool speaker you’ve been seeing every where which connects to the Alexa app.  This is definitely a universal gift everyone will love.

If all else fails a simple gift card or cash is always an option.  I tend to stay away from this option because not much thought was really put into giving this type of gift.  I would rather get someone I care about a gift and provide them with a gift receipt incase they would like to return it.

I hope this post gave you some gifting ideas.

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?  What do you plan on buying a couple of your loved ones this holiday season?  Comment below, I would love to hear from you.  Remember you only have one life so live it Be-U-tifully, by being you to the fullest 🙂

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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