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Hello Loves,

Today we have the pleasure of reading a post written by a guest blogger by the name of Ketsia.  She is currently going to be guest blogging for this upcoming month on Sundays and Wednesdays.  She will be sharing an introduction to part of her amazing story.  I hope you all will enjoy.  Check out her story below:

Dear Reader,

During this post, I’m going to open up to you a little (yes, just a little). I’m going to briefly tell you about me. Some of it may be hard to believe just as some of it may be hard to share because I am totally putting myself out there. Why? Because I love to write & I’m very passionate about expressing my feelings. Some of This stuff is deep! So, I’m writing in hopes that someone experiencing these same issues will know that they’re not alone. I went through it too. Here are some mechanisms that successfully worked for me, etc. But most importantly, sharing my testimony will serve as deep healing for me also because FINALLY I won’t have to hide my struggles, my pain, and my shortcomings. I will be free from drowning in my secrets since I will no longer be suppressing them–instead I’ll be EXPRESSING [deep sigh].

But hey, I’m only doing this for about a month, because I love writing and I feel like I have a lot to share that people can benefit from. If you guys and gals eat this up (meaning, show support & read my posts) then maybe I’ll continue sharing! So hey, you have the pleasure of dating me for 30 days to see if you like me hahaha.

Okay so now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me formally introduce myself to you. I’m Ketsia, I’m 21 + 9 years old lol, no children, never been married. I’m a Christian woman, but some of my truths may surprise you. I come from a huge family of 10 siblings. My mom & dad were married for 30 years before my mother passed away from stupid cancer (lymphoma) last year. She was my best friend (sleep in peace mom) & my father totally didn’t deserve someone like her– that’s just my opinion. Inhale. Exhale, because I will not be sharing their truths, but instead, how their truths affected me growing up. Anyhow, we’ll save this for another post. Let’s continue!

I’ve been through so many things in my life I don’t even know where to start. Some experiences were decisions of mine and some were results of my decisions and others were definitely God’s way of saying “Sit down. Be humble” because I used to be soooooo arrogant. Let’s just run through a list of things I’ll be elaborating on in the future. I was sexually abused, molested, and experienced extreme child abuse. I was a tomboy growing up (still love my sports). I was always a smart girl who never really got a chance to apply my full potential because I was ADHD & Dyslexic, but my parents are Haitian, so they didn’t believe in learning or behavioral disabilities. It’s okay because I did dual enrollment (going to college while still in high school), graduated early and I acquired my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance so I turned out alright.

I joined the military when I was 17 because I hated my father & his authoritarian principles (still do… dislike, his principles that is ?). I was a free spirit so of course he hated me because I would not conform like all of my other siblings did–except one. Of course that drove me to rebel. No worries. We’ll explore the dynamic of that relationship too. To continue, I’ve been carless & homeless. During my early 20’s, I exchanged a few sexual favors for someone who turned out to be one of the most influential people in my life today. I was struggling in college at the time and my family damn sure wasn’t helping me. Of course I was never a prostitute or panhandler. I mean look at me. I never had any problems getting what I wanted from anyone–and that statement still holds true! Let’s just say he was my sugar daddy desperate for any attention that he could get & at times, I would give it to him. We’ll explore that topic later, let’s move on.

I went through a strong phase of depression & hard gambling when my mother’s cancer left remission. REAL DEPRESSION & GAMBLING! If you know me, you know it’s either go big or go home. Which means EVERYTHING I do is extreme. I’m usually all in or all out. I don’t have that gray area most have. I’m also a sexual person. Yes, I am a “freak”. Sex, to me, has always been seen as a beautiful art between two individuals and I was an artist. No, I don’t support premarital intercourse because it is a sin, but it’s certainly my weakness sometimes–I mean most of the time ??. Relax, we’ll talk more on this later.

I’ve experienced some other CRAZY things that I’m not ashamed of because it’s my truth & my testimony. I’m certainly thankful for God’s mercy & grace that is sufficient in my weakness & also my mother, who even on her death bed, was praying over her children. She never gave up on us until her work was complete. I will certainly be sharing more on this phenomenal woman too. As we develop our relationship, I’ll open up more. We have time….With that said, our time is up lol! But please stay tuned because this is just the beginning!

What did you think about my intro? Please share your comments, memories, experiences, questions and thoughts below! I’d love for you to introduce yourself too so I can get to know my readers. I’m really interested in getting to know you. PLEASE don’t forget to like & share ❤.

Remember, while we still have life; let us not merely exist–but instead, L.I.V.E.


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  1. Hey Kay this is Kiki. Hope all is well . Thank you for being so transparent and honest about your experiences and testimony . Through some points I laughed, because I can remember some of your stories . I wish you the best , you will do great because your truth speaks through your words .

    • Aww thank you so much Kiki! I appreciate all the kind words and encouragement. I tried to be as transparent in my writing as I am in person. So thank you for seeing that!! I love your support ??

  2. Very interesting! I love how open you are! I am that open too, so we can be friends ☺ I have a hard time being friends with others cause of how blunt I am and sometimes it comes off too harsh. I feel like I’m actually able to talk to you about thing my bff or fiancee don’t know. I made up in my mind I will take it to the grave but because of how open I am I’m uncomfortable with that cause I won’t feel like me but then….. I’m afraid to lose everything which comes along with my happiness. This is Niomi btw ❤

    • Hey love! True freedom comes from speaking and sharing your truth. I took me a long time, but I’ve learned that and that’s why I feel so FREE now!!! Thank God for that. People may not understand our transparency and realness but that’s just who we are. Our experiences have given us a strong voice so embrace it. Just know that I love that about you. Thanks for the support!!

  3. Wow I love your testimony who can tell your story. Better than you can I mean I’ve been known you since as a child. I never knew you went through all this I’m so sorry. because of the will of God you are here to tell your story and I’m here to support you!! every step of the way. love you!!

    • I love you more Obeitta! Like u said, we were close when we were young. I had a lot bottled up on the inside. I tried to hide it well. But by His grace I am what I am (1 Corinthians 15:10) & now, I’m in a place in Him where I can share my story. Your support means mountains to me. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful, thank you for sharing with us. You are very articulate. I enjoyed this read, not for the “juice” you’re exposing but for the freedom in your experience and choice of words. I felt like I was reading the intro of a book. I look forward to turning the next page. God bless

    • Awww! Thank you ❤. It makes me smile knowing that you believe in my talent and support my sharing my story! I AM FREEEE glory to God! Thank you for journeying with me lovely. Who knows… maybe God may have a book deal for me in the future ??

  5. Ketisa I definitely must say that you have been and still is a brave soul. I definitely appreciate the intro of your life so far. I laugh and was a little bit puzzled by what I was reading, nonetheless it still holds so weight because I am dying to read what else has been going on in your life. Hopefully this too will prepare me to do what you’re doing, but much later on in my life though… Lol. Thank you for sharing and please keep writing.

    • Thank you so much for reading Desmond! I’m glad you laughed and I’m glad you’re still puzzled too lol. I can’t give you everything at once. And the suspense and intrigue keeps you reading! And you don’t have to wait to share your story, your truths, and your testimonies. You can start now! Even if it’s on a more personal, one on one, level, DO IT. You could possibly save someone’s life. Thank you for all the kind words and support. It really makes me happy ?

  6. I think it’s deep. And I feel like your very honest. I also feel like I might learn something. So I will keep in touch and I also think your strong to be able to be you, talk about you and be the strong beautiful women that your are. ??????

    • Thank you so much Des! You know I’ve always been very open and real. But now, I’m finally sharing that transparency with everyone. I pray you do learn something from all of this cause I’m not putting this out here in vain lol. I love you immensely! Thank you for reading ?

  7. Hi there! We’re name twins! This is Ketsia.
    Great and easy read. Thank you for sharing these chapters of your life with us. Thank you for your courage to talk about these taboos of our Haitian culture. Our Haitian patents turn a blind eye to molestation. They believe that their teenagers with sexual feelings must have some kind of “mové lespri” in them; and babies, for them, must come from the stork or through divine intervention ??‍♀️
    Thank you for opening this conversation that’s overdue for our community, and will be beneficial to all.

    • Hey name twin! It’s amazing how we don’t just share the same name but also the same passion. For a longtime I was afraid to speak on these topics in fear of the backlash. No one really talks about these things. No one addresses these issues in our community. Sexual promiscuity and sexual curiosity sometimes stem from childhood experiences of molestation & rape! I will be tearing down cultural walls by addressing this issues. Fortunately, God gave me the boldness I needed to speak up! Pls let me know if you ever have a story or issues that you’d like to use this platform to share! I’m down for sharing. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave a comment. Reading posts like this continue to encourage me daily. Thanks again Ketsia ✊✊

    • Love you too Haitian beauty. So are you ?. Thanks for the support from the jump!!

  8. Great job Kay, can’t wait to read more??! SouthEast Hs…we rock!!

    • Yesssss we do! Class of 20…. let’s keep that between us lol. Thank you for the support Michelle. #ForeverNoles

    • Thank you a bunch! The true beauty is walking in my freedom. Please keep reading.

  9. Hey ketsia, first i must say your very brave and i really applaud you on that. You had a whole lot going that it seems as you hide very well. I look forward to reading about the story of you. Within this month

    • I did hide it. But I think it influenced my relationships and friendships in a major way. I’ll be touching on that so pls keep reading! And thank you much. My boldness comes from Him ?. Thank you for sharing this journey with me D. Jordan. Means a lot to me.

    • Thank you so much ❤. You’ve opened doors for me and have contributed to the woman of strength I am today. ?

  10. Hey Ketsia,
    This was awesome. Nobody could say what they would have done until they’ve experience something like that. However, you are a survivor and God’s precious jewel keep healing girl.

    • Exactly! A lot of times we think we have it figured out. How we would handle our friends’ situations. Truth is we really don’t know until we’re faced with the same situation. I’m just blessed that my situation didn’t break my spirit but instead strengthened it. Thank you for supporting!

  11. Hey ketsia. Alright so I was doing a lot of studying but I took a quick break and read your thing. I’m in tears!
    I can’t believe someone actually went through the same thing as me. Not only that but I feel like if I continue to go in the same direction I’ll be where you were. I feel we have in lot in common because I was too was molested and raped several times when I was young. And people sometimes say that I may be rude because I love to speak my mind. Became more of a “rebel” like you said. But I’m really trying to change. I feel like being molested ata young age does have an effect on growing up to love sex instead of hate it.. idk how that works.
    But please keep sharing I wanted to read more and I hope u touch back on those topics so I can learn from your mistakes. I’m down for learning anytime❤️❤️❤️

  12. For Sho!! I can dig!! You have ALWAYS Been an Intriguing Figure to ME, ever since ur USF Days…I Just Never had the opportunity to get to KNO the PERSON, behind the AMAZING BEAUTY!!! But i Adore MOST about YOU, is your ability to EMBRACE your Adversity in LIFE, Challenge IT, & Face iT HEAD ON!!! You’re SIMPLY a PHENOMENAL Women, Brave & Courageous…and your blog is gonna showcase that!!! I CERTAINLY look foward to iT!! #CantWAIT

  13. Finally someone being REAL about their truths! I can relate to all of except the parents parts cause I didn’t have them growing up. But yes transparency!!!!!!

  14. thank you for the isight in what makes you you. Just reading that lets me know that you are stronger than I could ever imagine and find you so much more beautiful now

  15. And yes I’m proud of you to open yourself up like that I kn someone else went through or going through the same thing and it will help others for sure

  16. thank you for the isight in what makes you you. Just reading that lets me know that you are stronger than I could ever imagine and find you so much more beautiful now

  17. Gurrrlll you definitely need to keep writing. Love it! you kept me want to more each paragraph. I never knew we had so much in common(especially with my sentiments towards my father growing up). Wow! i love it!

  18. I think this was extremely brave for you to share these raw, personal, intimate and even shameful experiences with us. You also have a lot of charisma in the way you write which makes it seem more like you’re talking to us and we’re engaged in conversation. I liked that very much. I’m not sure what you should keep or take out tho… you brushed the surface on a few things which is good for an intro ( I believe) . Just be mindful of the folks who will judge and turn their nose up at you. We all have been through some terrible things in life but I know people like to pretend to be perfect. For me this could be a great thing for someone and maybe even greater for you. Everything is relatable, enlightening and even shocking so do your thing. ??

  19. Morning sis. It seems like u and I have similar backgrounds when it came to our dads. My dad hated me growing up because I didn’t believe in his sexist ways. He always look down and me and my sister because he believed women are only good for childbearing, maid, and cook. Of course growing up
    In the US; I refused to oblige by his foolish thinking. Thanks for sharing your life with us. With that being said; you are a brave and humble women, and God have great plans for u

  20. Your personality certainly shows through these lines Kay. Although it saddens me to read a few of your truths, it sure is relatable and will definitely help some others heal to know they’re not alone.

  21. Great intro. Hope you continue to follow your dream and your passion. You have some really good teasers. This may turn into a book. 😎 Keep doing your thing.

    • Jude!!! Why am I just seeing this. Thank you so much hun. Please keep reading!

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