Her Truths To Tell…Chapter 3C: Military Madness Cont’d Again

Dear Battle,

Let’s take a deep breath! We left off driving away on a Greyhound bus so we’re good right now. And besides, the ARMY staff doesn’t know where I’m heading do they? I was sure not to purchase anything in my name. I mean ANYTHING! That’s why I lied to the lady I bribed to buy my ticket. I was untraceable right? I tried to maintain my cool but all I could really think was…Is this really happening? Did I just go AWOL? Have they notice that I was gone yet? Was this the way to do it—to get their attention? IDK but I bet I certainly have their attention NOW I thought as I sat crouched down in my seat heading to Fort Pierce, Florida.

My aunt knew what time to pick me up because I called her from a stranger’s phone and told her my arrival time. She knew not to contact my parents and not to mention my name PERIOD. My parents were also briefed. I didn’t tell them where I was going or what I was doing exactly because I wanted them to remain innocent. I didn’t want to drag my family into this. I wasn’t sure if they were going to tap their lines or send investigators to our home to look for me. They just knew that I couldn’t be reached for the next month but that I was still safe. You’re probably wondering why I was so discreet huh? We’re talking about the U.S. government here people! I didn’t know what the heck to expect. So I prepared for the absolute worst. Like I said before, I had this all figured out.

“Ketsia, Ketsia! I’m so glad to see you honey,” my aunt yelled in her thick Haitian accent as she made her way towards me. At that moment though, I didn’t respond. I didn’t say anything back. I quickly combed the bus stop to make sure no one was posted up waiting to take me back. When I noticed all was clear, I managed to mumble a “nice to see you too, auntie” as I tried to calm my nerves. She made a noble attempt to “catch up” on our way home, but I quickly quieted her efforts. I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts. I spent months praying on a way out. Only God knows how much I needed this to work.

As soon as we arrived to her house, I jumped out of her SUV and started an inspection. I checked the bottom perimeter of her vehicle to ensure there were no tracking devices. I surveilled the outside of her home and then my inspection continued into the house. I walked around checking every room, every closet, every cubby, until my search was complete. If I had a metal detector I’d probably use that too lol. Yes, I was serious! I ain’t nobody special. I knew there was no way that they were going to allocate much of their resources looking for little ol’ me. I get that. But hey, they just trained me on how to detect bombs and all of that, why wouldn’t my searches be thorough? Everything looks good! Finally I felt at ease. I plopped down on the bed and took a well deserved nap.

As the days progressed, I passed time with childhood friends (I was born here) and made some new ones along the way too. Actually, I made a lasting friend who fell madly in love with me. We linked up 12 years later, but that’s a story for another time. But anyways, I maintained a pretty low profile for the last 28 days. I wasn’t apprehended so everything was going as planned. I even managed to go to my senior prom with a guy I met in Fort Pierce. That was ballsy right? Who misses their senior prom though? NOT I lol. So I took the chance and went! And enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn’t help but think, where the heck was my best friend. I missed her. This was the longest that we had ever been apart. I hoped that she was okay. But life goes on right? Now, I was back in my hometown and I was nervous about tomorrow. Day 29. I had to turn myself back in. I wanted to get into enough trouble to be released from the Guard without being charged with desertion. See basically, being absent without approval day(s) 1-30 was considered AWOL. Days 31 and longer were considered desertion and you could LEGALLY be killed by military personnel. Want to know more? Read up on it ?. I’m not trying to get shot–I just wanted out–ALIVE!

So I’m back on the bus, heading to Columbia. Still praying because I didn’t know what they were going to do to me. The start of night fall, I arrived at the bus stop. I was somewhat relieved to be welcomed by my taxi driver friend. He got me back to Fort Jackson right before chow. I was on a “list” so they had to call my platoon sergeants for permission to enter through the gate so I knew they were expecting me.

Clink clack, clink clack, was the loud noise you heard as I walked closer and closer. I had on heels and a very form fitting dress that accentuated my curves. I stopped at a restroom before I got there, changed clothes and beat my face. If confidence could kill then they all would be dead. Looks too. PERIOD. I saw the way the sergeants looked at me. With great disdain, yet intrigue in their eyes. You know they’re not used to seeing their cadets out of uniform. There was one in particular. I know he wanted me because of the way he used to flirt before I even left basic. Even so, they were so mad, steam was blowing from their ears. I was so scared I was having heart palpitations. But I couldn’t show it. I walked up in there like I own the damn place. And I did! How many people you know go AWOL for a month and come back just like that? NOT MANY! So like I said–I owned the place (for a brief moment).

“Who the BEEP (f-word) do you think you are you little pathetic piece of BEEP (s-word)” the drill sergeant screamed all up in my face. Tell me why the heck I answered “According to the Solider’s Blue Book, you’re not supposed to use profanity towards us”. Like that was going to stop him from using all those expletives! It was worth a try though lol. Now, it was two of them in my face going in trying to incite fear. From past experiences I’ve shared with you, I HATE DOUBLE-TEAMS so I just shut the hell up because I witnessed them throwing a girl in a trash can before (literally) and that was not about to happen–not to me–not today–I was too cute for all that. It wasn’t until one of them spit on me that things got crazy. Like foreal, he harvested his saliva and spat on me! Now it was time for me to go the BEEP (f-word) in!

That pointing finger went up in his face & I started cursing him the BEEP (f-word) out. Man, I mopped the floor with that dude face the way I popped off! I would have fought him if I knew I had even a slim chance of winning. I was escorted by not one, not two, but three other sergeants. They threw me in freaking solitary confinement cause they said I was poisonous to the other soliders going through basic combat training. You damn right I was because I would have had them all go check their damn contracts to make sure they didn’t get screwed over too! Of course they denied me food that night but I was too enraged to eat anyway. Man, I fought sleep as long as I could cause I thought that mother…lover could try to come kill me because I affronted him and make it look like suicide. A few days went by, they kept me secluded and I hadn’t heard a thing. Was I off the hook that easy?

Well, well, well. Hello Monday morning! There’s no better way to start my week than an office visit with the damn Captain. He slapped me with a beautiful Article 15 that cost me about $600 and this mofo demoted me down to a PV 2. Mind you, I shared with you previously that I had JROTC training for years in high school so I enlisted as a PFC E3 (Private First Class). So he dropped me but at least I wasn’t all the way at the bottom of the barrel with all the basic scums even though the demotion also meant less pay. I wonder what happened to that fool of a drill sergeant who spat on me too. I don’t know but it didn’t matter no way because I was getting out one way or the other so BEEP (f-word) him. I was reprimanded for how I reacted with the drill sergeant. But what about the AWOL situation? Did you all forget about that already? Ohh so I’m not being punished for leaving? Y’all not gone kick me out? ? What in the world? All I could think was damn, what’s the fatality rate in Iraq right now cause the ARMY must be real desperate. But hold on–the irony builds!

A few days after that, the Captain calls me back in his office. Ohh ships…what did I do now? Get this. He was a different Captain though. He was black. I think the old one got promoted. So this Captain didn’t know me personally–just what he read in my files and whatever else those other lame drill sergeants mentioned. He sat me down and asked me “What do you really want? Is it to go to your high school graduation”? “Yes, that’s very important to me & my family sir. That’s what I’ve been working towards for the last 3 years.” I said still confused at the direction this conversation was going. “What if I grant you leave for 5 days to go graduate and celebrate with your family, would you like that”? “Huh?” I asked still confused as heck. “I’ll do this for you. But I need you to do something for me in return” my Captain said with a smirk on his face. OMG…Was this Captain–who’s in the freaking armed forces–about to ask for some fellatio in exchange for this act of kindness? ? I know he’s no Commander-in-chief and I’m no Monica Lewinsky, but this military sex scandal could be pretty hot. I could hear him now…I did not have sexual relations…My thoughts were scattered everywhere! “Hello soldier, H-E-L-L-O…” he said leaning forward to get my attention. “Yes sir” I responded trying to gather myself. “What will I need to do in return sir?” I asked in a sexy undertone. Ohhh shhippps things are about to get so real I thought as I leaned forward too.

Wait till you hear what he says next this Sunday! Also look forward to my father making a comeback as well as discussing my official type of discharge & how I made it happen as we close out our Military Madness experience foreal this time ??. Thank you for sharing in my journey battle buddy! I ❤ you for reading. To all my survivors out there: KEEP ON SURVIVING! PLEASE don’t forget to like, share & leave a comment below.

Remember, while we still have life; let us not merely exist–but instead, L.I.V.E.


– Ketsia

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  1. Wow definitely a great read couldn’t keep my eyes off the screen

  2. Wow. What a great read. Exciting, suspenful and captivating. Can’t wait to see how this ends.

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