Her Truths To Tell…Chapter 3B: Military Madness Continued

Dear Battle Buddy,

Let’s take a second to admire the hot pics above taken in the bathroom on post right after I stole back my suitcase. Don’t worry, you’ll understand this better as you read ??. So grab your canteen of water (or a glass of wine) cause we aren’t taking any breaks! Let’s jump right back into where we left off. I NEED A PLAN!! What am I going to do now? I tried following the chain of command and that only lead to a chain of NO’s. Why are they being so damn insensitive? The recruiter manipulated us but nobody cares! I was feeling so sad and sooo hurt. I was surrounded by all these BDUs (battle dress uniform) but I still felt so lonely. I needed a plan and I needed one quick because we only had 2 weeks left of basic training then I would be shipped off to AIT (advanced individual training) and it’d be like I was starting all over again.

One week went by and I had nothing. I’m down to the last week and I’m getting worried. By this time, I had completed everything necessary to graduate basic except a 5-mile hike. That was the very last drill. I stayed awake many nights just thinking and wondering. I stayed up looking over my contract. Reviewing it day in and day out. I became obsessed with it reading every word; looking for something I probably missed all the other times. Well one night, my effort was not in vain! I discovered something that I hadn’t noticed before. I was holding the consent form in my hand and I notice my father’s signature on there! Holy…SPIRIT!!! I jumped so high; I hit my head on the top bunk. Wait! My father NEVER signed this. He would NEVER sign this! He didn’t agree with my joining. Nor did my mother. They fought me so hard on this. Father God, forgive me because I lied. I told them that they had no say because this was a governmental affair & the consensual laws did not apply in this matter. I said it with so much conviction that they believed me.

Okay, so I told a “little” white lie. But this paper in my hand was a BIG lie! We’re talking about fraud right now! Both signatures were required for a minor to enlist. But at the time, I didn’t know that. I knew that we needed at least one. And the recruiter forced me to provide that one. He told me that if I didn’t sign it, he’d make me regret it. He’s a man of power, authority and influence. I didn’t know what he was capable of doing and I certainly didn’t want to find out! And furthermore, I wanted to join. He made me sign my mother’s name. I was wrong, but I was threatened. I was coerced. But you know what? I didn’t think twice about it so I guess he was making me do something that I wanted too. So now that I revealed how I THOUGHT I GOT ENLISTED, let’s get back to how it really happened. This paper in my hand!

Right after PT (physical training), I went back to speak to my liaison to tell him of this newly acquired information. He was flabbergasted. I was too! He passed this information to the administration above him and an investigation case was opened. Well that’s what they told me at least. But I wasn’t stupid so I refused to train. That’s right, I went on strike! This was a BIG decision that could end badly for me, but I was steadfast and lionhearted about righting this wrong. My best friend on the other hand wasn’t as bold to do so. She was hurt and concerned but not to the extent that she wanted to take action. She felt it was easier to comply. So that drove a wedge between us. We were inseparable for many, many years but it was time now. She went on to finish the hike and I stayed behind.

The drill sergeants treated me like cccrappp because they knew I was more than capable. But I was parked. I felt humiliated during graduation because although my family drove all the way up to Columbia, South Carolina to see me, I wasn’t apart of the ceremony. I told my family about my recruiter’s dishonesties and that I now wanted out. My father of course ceased the opportunity to remind me that I would have never been in this situation had I had listened to his instruction in the first place. “I know Dad, I know. But I will get myself out of this mess. I have a plan,” I said as I rested on my mother’s shoulder.

Basic training was over. Most of the platoons of soldiers were shipped off to AIT. Only the losers were left. The cadets who didn’t complete the training because of illness, disciplinarian issues, and some who failed their PT or other training who had to go through basic ALL OVER AGAIN. I was the ONLY ONE left behind because I refused to finish. But even being left behind wouldn’t deter me. I stayed focus on my end game. Although, I was resting on the hopes of the fraudulent signature to release me, I needed a backup plan. I had been reading up on behavioral actions that could lead to being dismissed and AWOL was one of them. I searched for all the information I could on it because I wanted to make sure I was making an informed move.

So a week has passed by and your girl has been scheming lol. I’ve made several visits to the dentist and medical clinic just so I can acquaint myself with my surroundings. There was a special bus that drove us around the post as well as places off post and I learned all the routes. I caught a couple cab rides and made friends with a driver. If I was going to successfully escape I needed to know how things work. I went to the commissary and started purchasing things I needed to change my look. I also pulled out cash each day that week because I wanted to be stacked before I left. I hid everything in between my big breast and between my legs.

The night before I fled, I was on night duty. I waited till everyone was asleep and I dyed my hair. I bleached some tracks and did my own damn sew-in. I was nervous as flutes, but there’s no turning back now. I tied my hair, went back to my post and waited till daybreak to steal my suitcase. You see one of the female drill sergeants was negligent. She was new. I studied her and saw where she hid the keys. Before daylight, I took the keys and secured my bag. I couldn’t leave the post just yet. I grabbed my things and my cellphone and hid in a soiled porta potty and changed clothes. Before I threw my uniform down the hole, I pulled off my nametag so no one would know I was there. I promise I felt like I was in a movie. My heart was pounding but I was as prepared as I would ever be. Now it was time to put this plan into motion. So I waited quietly until my brigade was set to go to breakfast—then I kicked rocks.

I called my taxi driver friend and told him exactly where to scoop me up. He knew my plan, and he was in on it. I bet he felt like a freaking movie star too with all this adrenaline pumping right now! He was used to escorting soldiers off post so he knew just what to say to the guards to give us the green light at the gate. Holy macrol!!! I was off post and I was on my way to the bus station. I wanted to fly but too risky. They could easily track my whereabouts. So Greyhound it was. Upon arrival, I gave my friend the biggest hug I could from the back of the cab and jumped out. I found a woman who was waiting for her friend to arrive. I was able to convince her to purchase my ticket with a $50 bribe because I had lost my ID. Thankfully, Greyhound didn’t check IDs when loading the bus so I was well on my way!

Where am I heading to you ask? Find out on the next blog post this Wednesday as we close out our Military Madness experience and move on to a new adventure ?. Well as always, thank you for sharing in my journey! I ❤ you so much for reading. To all my survivors out there: KEEP ON SURVIVING! PLEASE don’t forget to like, share & leave a comment ❤.

Remember, while we still have life; let us not merely exist–but instead, L.I.V.E.




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  1. Courageous!!! Girl, you got heart!! Can’t wait til the next one!!! and crazy as a bed bug lol

  2. I absolutely am enjoying this read. Awesome job. You’ve got me hooked. Lol. Can’t wait to read what happens next.

  3. Wow ? very interesting story. I can’t wait Sister for the next blog. Thanks for sharing ❤️ U and God bless you!

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