Heels & Health Brunch

“At a young age we are taught that soul food is the unhealthy death food that many of us put in our temples.  But what is real soul food?  Real food is food that enhances the soul, our central sun, our melanin, our carbon, fruits, vegetables, grains this is the real soul food” -Dr Sebi

If you’ve read a few of my blogs you can tell I am very invested in health.   I stopped eating meat years ago, I only eat seafood from time to time but I am working on moving towards being vegetarian/ vegan full time.  Since people are always asking me for advice on what to eat to lose weight or get healthier, my best friend Rachelle, my cousin Geraldyn, and I decided it would be a great idea to host a women’s Health Brunch.

This is how our Heels and Health Brunch which we hosted this past weekend was created.  We hoped to use this platform to promote healthy living among our circle of lady friends and family while maintaining our sexy.



I prepared most of the food of which 90% of the dishes were plant based and vegan (Not a fan of soy, so no tofu but that’s for a later post.) My goal was to show people vegan food is not always boring and bland.  You can have foods that are healthy, flavorful, and are not fried.  We had a variety of food items from vegan crepes to vegan crab cakes, as well as turkey bacon for the meat eaters.  We also had drinks.  Not exactly healthy but what’s a brunch without mimosa’s and organic wine?  Besides most things are okay in moderation.


During this brunch I was able to share my views on health and what I do to maintain my health.

We also played games and allowed the ladies to ask questions about life issues anonymously.  These questions were not health related.

We also awarded one of the ladies with a gift for wearing the cutest heels at our event.


I enjoyed using this platform to open up the ladies in my life to the idea of veganism or even just encouraging them to implement more veggies into their diet to get healthier.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at our brunch and we will have more in the future.




Peace and Love,

Esther J





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