Family Game Night | Thanksgiving 2017 Vlog

Hello Loves,

This year’s Thanksgiving holiday weekend was definitely like none other.  I went from cooking for Thanksgiving, to cooking for my uncle’s repast (his funeral was that Saturday) to preparing my lunch for this week. Even though I was off for four days in a row, I feel like it still was not enough time to accomplish everything I wanted to lol.  But I am sure most of us will always feel like there is never enough time no matter how many days we have off.

Now back to how I spent my Thanksgiving.  I was happy that I got to sleep in, so I had enough energy to deal with the day.  I even managed to squeeze in a workout before I started cooking for our dinner.

Because Thanksgiving was at my sister’s house, I was in charge of the baked macaroni, green beans, cheddar baked biscuits, and pumpkin cupcakes.  If you are thinking these are interesting food items to have at Thanksgiving dinner, well I am Haitian so Thanksgiving is basically dinner with whatever else we feel like eating lol.  So of course at dinner there was rice with beans, turkey in sauce, fish in sauce, etc.

Once the food was prepared, I headed over to my sister’s house with my nephew (my other sister’s son.)  I was definitely excited to see my cousin Jerry, I have not seen him since our family cruise this past summer.  Of course I was happy to see everyone else too, but they live here and I see them all the time.

Once our bellies were full, the shenanigans began.  We played Heads Up, Spoons, Spades, and B.S throughout the rest of the night.  Talk about intense lol!  Playing games shows you an entirely different side to people.

Check out the vlog below:

I hope you enjoyed my thanksgiving video blog, and hope you had an even more awesome Thanksgiving 🙂

Remember you only have one life so live it Be-U-tifully 🙂

Peace & Love,

Esther J



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