5 Ways to Deal With The Death/ Loss Of A Loved One


Recognize it is ok to cry

Allow yourself to feel your emotions. Cry, scream, sing, run, walk, workout, or do whatever will allow you to exert all the emotional energy you are harboring. Just let it out! Your emotions are valid so do not try to suppress how you are feeling, as long as it does not involve anything illegal or anything that causes harm to others.

Reminisce about the good times

Although your loved one is no longer physically here on this earth with you, your memory of them and how they made you feel will remain with you forever. Remind yourself of all those great memories you shared with that person. Know that they will always be with you in spirit, watching over you.

Solitude is where you will find consolation

Take a few minutes out of your daily routine to meditate about this situation as often as necessary. Go to a quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts. Sit still and allow your thoughts to process. Know that only YOU can deal with this situation as best as YOU can. Outside noise is a distraction and may tempt you to suppress your emotions, which could cause a future emotional melt down. (This can happen when you least expect it.) Hence why it is important to take time out to deal with your emotions and ponder on the situation.

Reflect on your life

Simply put life is way too short. The death of a loved one often reminds you that you can be here today and gone tomorrow. Therefore you should remind yourself not to take things for granted, and you should live life to its fullest potential. The next time you think about a friend or family member, especially if you don’t talk to that person often, reach out to them. They will be happy to hear from you. Tell them how awesome they are! Let them know they were on your mind. It may be just what they needed to hear at the moment. Don’t let that thought you had of them pass since you do not know what the future holds.


Contrary to the popular saying time does not heal all wounds entirely. However it does help to soften the initial blow. You learn to live without this person and cherish the loving memories you had of them. Do not rush your grieving process. Take as much time as you need to learn how to function with this person not physically being here.

It is hard to let go of someone you love but death is a part of life and we have no choice but to deal with it. As we age we learn to appreciate loved ones more. Cherish every moment and spend every minute you can with your loved ones while you are able to.

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Peace & Love,

Esther J

4 Comments on “5 Ways to Deal With The Death/ Loss Of A Loved One

  1. Awesome advice, Thanks! I especially liked that you touched on “time healing all wounds” not always being the case. I totally agree!

  2. This was such an amazing post. I cried, smiled & at the end, I felt good. Thank you 🙂 I had to read this ?

    • Glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you for showing your support 🙂

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