Best Vegan/ Vegetarian Restaurants in the DMV

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As some of you already know, I am a pescatarian but 95% of the time I eat like a vegetarian/ vegan.  I guess you could also call me a flexitarian since I mostly have a diet of plant based foods.  It can get hard trying to find a restaurant with good vegan dishes other than salad so I realized it could be beneficial to share some of the vegan restaurants right here in the DMV.

Listed below are my favorite vegan/ vegetarian restaurants:

Nu Vegan

This is my number 1 favorite vegan restaurant.  This truly is a vegan person’s paradise.  Everything at Nu Vegan is vegan.  They have everything from “chicken” drumsticks to fresh pressed juices.  I almost always get the almond cream shake, seaweed salad, and mac and cheese.  I have taken meat eaters here and they love it!  They say the vegan chicken tastes like actual chicken.  Nu Vegan lets you sample a few dishes to help you decide what you want to eat.  They have 2 locations College Park, MD and Washington, DC.


Naked Lunch

I love the steamed veggie bowls from them, they provide a lot of veggies in the bowl so it is quite filling.  They also occasionally have sandwiches which they switch out periodically.  Naked Lunch is inside of Mom’s Organic in Rockville, MD. There are  multiple locations throughout the DMV but this is the only location I have been to.


This takes vegan and healthy eating to a whole other level.  Almost everything in here is raw and vegan.  There are a few items such as vegetarian soups and dishes available, which I have not tried yet.  This restaurant is located in downtown Bethesda.

Hope you enjoyed my vegan restaurant recommendations.  Comment below, what restaurants do you go to  your find vegan or healthy foods?

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