Bedroom Tips Reloaded: Just In Time For V Day

Hello Loves,

In honor of Love day aka Valentine’s day, today’s post will be little different than what I normally post.  Today we will be discussing natural health bedroom tips by none other than moi 🙂  If you remember the first bedroom tips post was written by Miss Kitty a few months ago.  So this is new territory for me.  FYI this content is for mature audiences only.

Here we go:

1) Ladies, keep your pumpum right and tight using a yoni egg or ben wa balls.    Either way both the yoni eggs and ben wa balls help to tone your vaginal walls, make you wetter, help you to climax better, help prevent tearing during birth, and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, among many other benefits.  *It is not recommended to start using these while you are pregnant unless you were using them on a regular basis beforehand.

Use your yoni eggs or ben wa balls routinely with Kegel exercises to reap the benefits.  Relax they won’t get stuck inside of you unless you tense up.  You can even add a string to the end of your yoni egg so you can remove it easier.

I currently have a rose quartz yoni egg. Yoni eggs come in an array of crystals and semi precious gemstones which you can choose based on what healing properties you would like to receive from it. They also come in different sizes. 

2) Coconut Oil is a perfect lubricant if that is your thing.  It is all natural, has antiseptic properties, and it smells delicious.  Seriously what does coconut oil not do lol?  I especially love using this to soothe my skin after shaving those nether regions.

3) Ladies and gents please make sure you revisit your hygiene routine before heading into any sexual encounters.  Please brush your teeth no one likes to be smacked with stinky breath when getting freaky.  Shave your private parts, backs, beards, and whatever else you did when you began having sex with your partner.  Unless you agree to it you both shouldn’t be growing hair in new places since this could be an unpleasant surprise. (If you agree to it and hairy parts are your thing by all means keep it going.) Don’t forget to shower and do whatever else you gotta do to make sure you are at your freshest when you are ready to hit them sheets.

4) Try something new.  For example if there is a position you have never tried but are interested in, express that to your partner.  If you are open enough to get intimate with that person, you should feel comfortable enough to make suggestions.

5) Get out of your own head.  A lot of times women can get all caught up in taking thoughts non related to sex into the bedroom. Instead clear your thoughts, relax, enjoy the moment, and practice being present.  Not just in the bedroom but practice being present every day in life.  Most importantly have fun!

As always please remember to practice safe sex with your partner especially if you are not in a long term relationship or marriage.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please remember to comment below with your tips for great sex.

Remember you only have one life so live it Be-U-tifully, by being you to the fullest.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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