Bedroom Decor Wish List

Hello Loves,

It has been a few years since I last updated my bedroom décor and I feel that now would be the perfect time to do so. My furniture is falling apart (because it is so old) and I am honestly ready for a new look.  For the past few days I have been searching around the internet for some bedroom inspiration. The most challenging part is finding functional pieces that work with my vision and budget.  Also my room is small and I live in the basement.

My goal is to create a dreamy, cozy, and relaxing bedroom.  I plan on using mostly neutral colors with pops of color.

So far my bedroom makeover wish list is as follows:


I am currently obsessed with the look of the new trendy tufted headboards.  I just love it, especially when they are accompanied by studs for a little extra flair.

Storage Ottoman

Of course I would prefer if it were tufted, but I do not mind if it is not.  I just love that this piece serves as seating and provides storage space.


My current dressers have a dark wood finish.  This time around I am leaning towards doing white.  With a nice mirror.  Perhaps this one:


I fought against the idea for curtains for so long but in doing my research, they make the ceilings look taller.  I will buy some and I will be the judge of that!

Baskets/ storage bins

I am currently looking for cute storage bins that I could possibly put on top of my dresser.


I could use a new duvet cover and a neutral colored bed skirt.


I want some sturdy functional blinds.

Inspiring Décor

I am in love with positivity and inspiration so I want to add pieces throughout my bedroom to serve as constant reminders to remain positive when dealing with a negative world.  I also want a dream catcher, not only do I love the look I also love the history behind them.

I do plan on showing the results once I have completed my room.

If you have any ideas for my bedroom make over or if you are making your room over too, feel free to comment below.  I love hearing from you.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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