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Hello Loves,

During my recent research, I discovered a great deal of free apps that can help people earn extra cash.  I am currently trying a few of them out and I am definitely enjoying the results.  I never thought I could make money right from my phone.  Keep in mind these extra funds are not exactly enough to live on but since I shop regardless, why not save some money and get cash back for items I already use?

Currently I am using the following apps:

Target Cartwheel

I discussed this app in a previous post here and yes I still love it. I use Cartwheel during my shopping trips at Target.  This Target App provides coupons which you add to your list.  When you checkout you simply scan the bar code provided on the app to apply your savings.


I started using this app last week.  I know I am a little late on this one but this is definitely my favorite app.  You simply select the deals you want to add to your list, after completing your purchase, upload your receipt, and scan the bar code on the item.  Voila! Cash is added to your Ibotta account within approximately 24 hrs.  I have not cashed out yet, but I am excited about my savings.  The great thing about this app is it works for a variety of stores like Giant, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Target (so you can double up the savings when you also use Cartwheel).  You get a $10 bonus just for signing up.  If you decide to try this app please use my referral code ytnnoyc or use this link:


I do not use this app because I do not shop on my phone but I do have an account which I use for my online purchases while using my computer.  With ebates you select the online store you want to purchase from, follow the link provided, then once your purchase is verified you will accumulate cash back.

Here is my referral link

Checkout 51

This app is similar to Ibotta but the cash back seems to be less.  There is also a smaller variety of items and stores provided.  None the less you can still earn cash back using this app.

I am currently looking into a few more money making apps to sell items such as Letgo & Bookscouter.

Hopefully, you enjoyed my list.  What apps are you using to make and save extra money?  Feel free to comment below.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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