9 Tips on How to Pack for Vacation

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner, which means vacation season is officially here!!! Can you tell I am sooo excited??!!! I have a few trips coming up back to back so I thought I would share my tips on how I pack for vacation:

Check the weather

Check the weather forecast so you can plan your outfits accordingly.  It would suck to not have an umbrella if its gonna be raining.  You may need a sweater in case the temperature drops at night.  Avoid any potential surprises by simply checking the weather.

Do Not Wait Until The Last Minute

Say it with me, “Do not wait until the last minute to pack.”  Trust me I have made this mistake before and stayed up all night before a trip to pack.  Not only was I extremely tired but I forgot a few items from not being able to clearly think about what I need.  Typically I like to pack most of my stuff 3 to 7 days before a trip. This way I have enough time to physically shop or order things I may need for my vacation and avoid paying more for them later at a convenience store.  Trust me when you are on vacation you will be less likely to search for the best deal to get the items needed since this could potentially waste time keeping you away from the fun things you want to do on vacation.  So pack early!

Try On Your Outfits

I like to arrange my outfits including shoes and accessories for activities I have planned on certain days by trying them on. Trust me it often looks different on you than what you envisioned it would look like in your mind.  Besides clothes, don’t forget to pack your under garments, pajamas, makeup, toiletries, and jewelry.

Plastic bags

When packing your bag, put all liquids or potentially messy items in a zip lock or plastic bag to avoid getting your clothes messed up if these items leak.  TSA is not gentle with bags.  Also keep some plastic bags on hand for your dirty clothes/ wet bathing suits.

Label Your Bags

I add tags to all my bags even my carry on purse as a precautionary measure.  You never know what can happen so be prepared in the event that something does get left behind.

Be comfortable

I get cold easily so no matter which method I use for travel, I always bring a cardigan or hoodie, a light throw blanket, socks for my slides or tennis shoes, and a lightweight bag which I can easily open to access my important paperwork and IDs.

Do Not Forget Your Passport

I normally pack this in my carry on bag or in an easily accessible exterior compartment on my luggage.  I also like to print out my itineraries and hotel reservations and keep them all together.  This helps keep me organized.

Carry Cash

Especially when you are travelling outside of the US.  No shade to Visa but despite the commercial “Visa is not accepted everywhere you go”, some local vendors may not be able to accept this form of payment, or you just may need money to tip people along the way.  Also you can avoid those fees banks charge when using your card outside of the US.


Bring Snacks

If you are taking a road trip bring your own healthy snacks.  It is so easy to fall out of your regular eating habits since junk food is enticing you from every corner.  It is okay to indulge just don’t over do it.  Save your indulging moments for when you arrive at your destination.

Hope you found these tips helpful.  If you have any additional tips for what to pack on vacation comment below and don’t forget to subscribe.

Peace and Love,

Esther J

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