8 Places I Want To Visit In My City

Hello Loves,

I am extremely excited about my vacation which is coming up in a few days. While planning out the excursions I will take while on my trip, I thought about all the places here in the DMV area I have yet to visit.  I decided to write a list of the places in my city I would love to visit this year. Hopefully I can see most of these places by the end of summer.

Here is my list:

Great Falls

Since I am always looking for new ways to workout especially out in nature, I would love to go hiking here.  I have heard so many great things about this park.  From my research, I have discovered there is both a Maryland side and a Virginia side.  I want to visit both.

Spoutn’ Spring Water

This fresh water spring is in Federick, MD.  Spring water is believed to be the best water so why not get it directly from the source for free?  Not to mention some even say this water has healing properties.  I do want to buy test strips to get a reading of the PH levels on the water though.  Yeah I’m a little nerdy 🙂

Butterfly Exhibit At Brookside Gardens

I am slightly obsessed with butterflies. love how caterpillars transform into butterflies and fly so freely.  Since I heard about the Butterfly Exhibit here, I have always wanted to visit.

Madame Tussauds


Wax museums look so fun when I see pictures from other people’s experiences.  I cannot wait to have my own experience while pretending to meet these celebrities.

AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

This film center features international movies.  Since I love learning about different cultures, this would be a nice place for me to visit.

Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa

A coworker told me about this place.  She mentioned she always had fun relaxing at this resort.  I want to check it out for myself.

The Red Bandana Bakery

This bakery has both gluten-free and vegan options.  Which I love!

The Land of Kush

This is a vegetarian/ vegan restaurant in Baltimore which has awesome reviews.  I am a huge Yelper and according to Yelp this place has 4 1/2 stars out of 331 reviews.  I love NuVegan in College Park, Maryland which has only 4 stars out of 176 reviews.  So I hope I will love The Land of Kush.

Hope you enjoyed my list of places in my area I want to visit.  Hopefully this inspires you to take advantage of your city this summer.

I may check out these places and blog about my experiences.  So look out for that in the future.

I would love to hear about the places in your city you look forward to visiting. Please feel free to comment about it below.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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  1. I always wanted to go to Great Falls and your blog just reminded me that I need to visit that spot really soon before the summer is over.

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