8 Inspiring Fitness Pages To Follow On Instagram

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“People inspire you or they drain you . Pick them wisely,” -Hans F Hansen

This quote is so amazingly true.  Since energy can be contagious you must guard your energy by surrounding yourself with positive people, images, and energies which will inspire you to be the best version of you possible.

I am passionate about health and fitness.  One of the ways I stay motivated to stick with my fitness plan is by following people I admire who share their fitness lifestyle on social media especially IG (Instagram).  Doing this inspires me to stay focused on my fitness journey, workout more, and eat better.

Below is a list of inspiring fitness IG pages to follow:


After discovering Kristina was a full-time raw vegan, I became inspired to do a 30 day raw fruit and vegetable fast.  Now I do it every year in January.  Also I do a few days to 2 weeks of raw fruit and vegetable fasts throughout the year.  Kristina has tons of YouTube videos with yummy raw vegan recipes.  I love following her IG page because it is flooded with fruits and vegetables which reminds me to incorporate more of those items in my daily diet.


Brittne’s body is banging, her melanin is popping, and I love how she uses a creative approach to her workouts by adding her own energetic flair.  She also often shares her meals on IG which is helpful.


I love that Aisha attributes her size and flat tummy to her diet of simply eating vegan.  She even admits she does not workout much if she does at all and let me not forget to mention she recently had a baby a few months ago.  Can we say #mommygoals #bodygoals!  She is living proof abs are made in the kitchen.  Exercise tones your body and helps you toremain healthy.


My ultimate goal is to become an alkaline vegan which Vannie is.  For a while now I have tried to implement Dr. Sebi’s dietary guidelines of being an alkaline vegan but it is hard when you do not see a good example of someone who follows this way of life.  Therefore, I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate as much of the Sebian diet in my lifestyle where possible.  Vannie mostly follows the Dr. Sebi alkaline vegan diet and she has great results which inspiring me to eat even more like the Sebian way.


Jenelle is the reason I do so many squats daily.  She has a very nice shape which she alludes to doing squats.  When my cousin and I found out that tidbit, we began doing 100 squats per day back in 2013.  Today I do 200 squats daily or at least 5 days per week, I plan on increasing this to 300 squats per day soon.  I do not have hips like hers nor is my derrière huge but I can definitely tell my squats are paying off by the compliments I often receive.


Queenie has a nice toned body and she is vegan, which is one of my ultimate goals.  She juices often, which I recently began doing from time to time.


I love following some of the mini workouts she posts on IG.  She recently had a baby as well and her snap back is on point.


I hope I can be a mom like her in the future.  She has 2 young children which she often uses as weights to tone up.  No need for a gym because she finds creative, fun ways to workout while incorporating her little ones.

I hope these IG fitness pages motivate you as much as they motivate me.

What are some of your favorite fitness IG pages that you follow?  Comment below and do not forget to subscribe.

Peace and Love,

Esther J

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