7 Ways To Unwind After A Long Day

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My days have been pretty long lately so I decided to come up with ways to help me unwind afterwards.  I am sharing my list with you all, in hopes that at least one of my tips maybe useful to youWhether it’s work, school, or whatever else you have been up to, after a long day all you want to do is relax right?  However, sometimes it maybe hard to simply relax and unwind.

Here are my favorite ways to unwind after an eventful day:


Take a nice long relaxing bath or shower.  If you are taking a bath make it feel luxurious by adding rose petals, milk and honey, herbs, or Epsom salt. There are recipes online but you basically add these items to your bath water, get in, soak, and melt your stress away.  Adding extra items like the ones mentioned have different healing properties so you can customize your bath to meet your needs.  You can also take a nice long steamy shower.  I like using Dr Bronner’s in the shower since they have a variety of castile soaps which are scented with essential oils.  My favorite is the lavender one which definitely helps me relax.


Create a pleasurable aromatic experience by burning incense, lighting a scented candle, or using an aromatherapy diffuser (I am thinking about getting one of these in the near future.)  These are all very therapeutic.  I currently enjoy burning incense.  I have always enjoyed the smell of this ever since I was young.


Play some soothing tunes or your favorite music.  Music stimulates the brain and the connection can help change your mood.  Music is also believed to have healing properties.


Take a few minutes out of your day to unplug with everything, everyone, and connect with your thoughts.  Being still, surrounded by your thoughts can help you gain clarity.  With practice, meditating can help relieve tension and aggression.


Reading a book can be very relaxing.  Reading allows your mind to go to another place.  You get to use your imagination which many of us do not do often enough.


Writing down your thoughts and emotions is very therapeutic especially if you choose not to confide in someone else.  Writing in a journal also helps you express yourself without exposing yourself. Besides it is unhealthy to keep your emotions bottled up inside.  One day you may end up taking out your aggression on someone who does not deserve it.

Prepare for Tomorrow

Preparing for the next day may not sound like something you would do to unwind however, this will help remove some of the stress which can be brought on the following day.

I hope you found these tips helpful.  What are some ways you like to unwind/ relax after a long day?  Comment below and subscribe.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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