7 Tips on How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Hello Loves,

I always get people who comment on how they admire that I eat so healthy.  When they find out I eat mostly organic food, their response is “Girl that is too expensive!”

Well I am here to tell you there are ways to make eating healthy and/ organic work for you.  I know this is very cliche but remember you are what you eat so don’t be fast and cheap.  Also what you put into your body now you will pay the consequences for later on in life.  The root of most diseases start with your daily diet regimen.  Which is why I always seem to be on a “diet” but really I am trying to permanently clean up the way that I eat.

Eating healthier does not need to break the bank.  Here are some tips for eating healthy while on a budget:

Shop Around

I used to think Whole Foods was the only option for health foods but more and more grocery stores are beginning to grow their health food sections.  Also grocery chains seem to have sales that change from week to week which is beneficial.  My favorites to occasionally shop in are Giant & Aldi.  But the main two I alternately shop in weekly are Mom’s Organic and Trader Joes. Whole foods is honestly too expensive if I end up there it is because I realized I needed something later on in the day and they open late.  I also love shopping at the Takoma Park Co-op but their variety of items available are so slim I rarely go there.

Shop Online

You would be surprised at how much you can save online by using Vitacost, Thrive, Amazon, or any similar online store geared towards health to shop for your groceries.  Of course by signing up for their email list they will send you coupons to help save you even more money.  Don’t forget to search for coupons to use at your local grocery retailers as well.

Use Apps

I love using apps like the Target app formerly known as Cartwheel to get money and Ibotta to receive cash back on groceries.  The only thing is you have to remember to use them.  But once it becomes a habit you will be on your way to saving money on items you would purchase anyway.  If you want more information regarding these and other apps I use you can find them here.

Buy In Season

Fruits and vegetables that are in season tend to cost less.  Yes, even the organic ones.  In season produce also helps to build up you immune system.  So give it a try.

Buy In Bulk

When you buy in bulk, it tends to be more cost effective and of course the supply will last you longer.  You would be surprised at what types of health foods are available at Costco, which is also one of the stores I often frequent.  Of course Costco doesn’t have a ton of organic foods, but their selection is pretty good.

Meal Prep

By making your meals at home, you know every single ingredient which is in your meal.  You can also control how much of each ingredient you put in your meal.  Remember eating healthy does not need to be bland, you can make it flavorful with herbal seasonings.  Making your own meals makes you more inclined to eat it instead of getting the urge to make an impulse food buy.

Make Your Own 

If there is a processed food you cannot live without or if the cost for it is ridiculously expensive, make it yourself.  Chances are it will be much more healthier because the ingredients will be cleaner.  Make your own protein bars, fresh pressed juices, nut milks, etc.

I hope you enjoyed my tips for eating cleaner while on a budget. Comment below with your tips for eating healthy while on a budget.

Remember you only have one life to live, so live it Be-U-tifully by being you to the fullest.

Peace & Love,

Esther J


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