6 Reasons You Should Take A Vacation

Hello Loves,

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I have been on 3 vacations in the past 6 weeks.  I can’t help it I love taking my vacations 🙂 Naturally, people tend to ask me how do I travel so much? Personally, I don’t think I travel that much. However, I do feel that vacations are essential to living a well rounded life so I save and plan accordingly.  My motto is I work hard so I can play even harder.

Unfortunately, too many people do not take their vacations or paid time off. According to a CNBC article more than half of Americans do not plan on taking a vacation this summer.  To me that is just crazy.  I wish people knew how beneficial taking a vacation could be.

Here are the reasons why you should take a vacation:

1. Improves your health.  There are plenty of sources that cite relieving stress, reducing your risk for heart related illnesses, living longer, and many other benefits for reasons why you should take a vacation.

2. Improves focus.  When you focus on one task for too long, it can make it hard to concentrate which could cause you to potentially make bad decisions and leave you feeling drained.  Taking a break from your daily routine, allows you to shift your focus to something a little more fun. Once you return to work it should be easier to focus.  Just you like rebooting your computer often helps it run efficiently, you need to do the same regarding your energy.

3. Improves your sharpness. When you take a break from your day to day activities to have a new experience, a different part of your brain is activated. You can learn new skills for example a new language, how to convert money, how to solve problems in your new environment, etc.

4. Activates creativity. Doing the same thing day in and day out will not change your outlook on things.  A change of scenery is just what you need to be inspired with new ideas and a fresh new perspective.  You may even notice you have new solutions to things you’ve been doing the same way for a very long time.

5. Makes you happier. You create lasting memories which you can look back and reminisce about.  You could potentially spark up interesting conversations with people you would not normally meet and learn something new or exciting.  Simply interacting with people can boost your mood.

6. Provides much needed self care. We get so wrapped up in our daily work that it literally takes a toll on us.  You need to take time out for yourself to nurture that very side of you that does not get the necessary attention it needs on a regular basis.

Vacations do not need to cost an arm and a leg.  It could be something as simple as staying in a hotel on the other side of the town you live in while exploring your city.  Make sure you take a break from your normal day to day routine.  The best thing about taking a vacation is you can take one anytime throughout the year.

Where are you planning to take your next vacation?  Let me know in the comment section below.

Remember you only have one life to live, so live it be-U-tifully by being you to the fullest.

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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