6 Fruits To Eat This Summer

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During my recent vacation, I definitely ate foods that are not a part of my normal daily diet. Being on a cruise ship there were not many appetizing healthy options, so the struggle was real.  Since returning from my trip, my focus has been on eating better.  I am currently on a 28 day detox regimen which I am using to ease back into eating more raw fruits and vegetables.

I love fruits and we are still in the summer season, so I am definitely indulging in them.

Here are my favorite fruits that are currently in season:


High in antioxidants, improve quality of sleep, and help reduce belly fat.


Improve skin, help prevent anemia, improve fertility, and help protect against HIV by boosting your immune system (who knew?)


Regulate bowels, improve memory, and stabilize blood sugar levels which helps reduce your risk for diabetes.


Help to boost eye health, promote healthy bones, promote healthy teeth, and help body detoxify to eliminate toxins.

Strawberries & Other Berries

Boost immunity, help whiten teeth (only strawberries), and contain powerful antioxidants that assist in warding off cancers and heart disease.

Cantelope & Other Melons

Help control asthma, aid in digestion, and hydrate the body with its high water content and electrolytes.

Reasons to eat fruits that are currently in season:


Flavors of the fruits reach their peak during their season.  Fruits are juicer, fresher, and more delicious.

Nutrional Value

The nutritional value will be higher as the fruit will naturally grow without many interventions.


Since these fruits are being grown in abundance during the proper season, farmers and grocery stores often offer them to the consumers at lower prices.  So take advantage of this opportunity by stocking up and freezing these fruits at the peak of their flavor.

Although I listed my favorite fruits for this season, there are many others that are in season. Comment below with your favorite fruits currently in season.

Peace & Love,

Esther J




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