5 Tips For Going Clubbing

This past weekend I participated in one of my close friend’s bachelorette celebration.  We definitely had a great time, however there are a few things which I would not have been able to be without while partying.

Here are 5 items things that are a must when going clubbing:


There is nothing worst than walking all the way to a venue and realizing you or someone else in your crew forgot their ID. (In this case my bestie did.)  You will not be allowed into most establishments which have age requirements without an ID and you will need to walk back to your car or drive back home to get your ID.


I normally keep a bottle of water in the car but remember to drink plenty of water throughout the night to remain hydrated.  Alcohol has similar effects of a diuretic.

Small Bag

I carry a light weight cross body bag with all of my essentials in there, cards, money, phone, keys, etc.  Bags like this allow your hands to be free so you can hold your drink, etc.


Be sure to have your lipstick or makeup to reapply as necessary in your small bag.


Once you’ve been dancing all night and your feet start to hurt, you maybe tempted to take off your shoes and place your feet on the ground.  STOP! Think of all those nasty germs that are being harbored on that nasty floor.  This is where your flats will come in handy.

Bonus tips:  Don’t drink and drive kids.  Always have a DD (designated driver.) Have fun but don’t push your limit.  After a night of Partying make sure you take time to rest your body afterwards.


Peace and Love,


Esther J

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