5 Things To Do Every Morning For A Productive Day

Hello Loves,

Do you feel like you don’t really get the personal things you would like to accomplish during the work week done? Are you looking for a routine to help get your mornings on the right track? We all know how we start our morning sets the tone for the remainder of the day.  So if you want to have an awesome, healthy, productive start to your day, your morning should not be rushed and unorganized.  Right? Well below are my tips for a productive morning based on my current routine:

Wake Up Earlier

I know you’ve heard the saying the early bird catches the worm right?  Well it’s true.  Waking up 10 to 15 minutes or more than your usual scheduled wake up time can allow you to get more accomplished in your day.  You will have more time to do something fun or do some light chore like cleaning so you won’t have to deal with it later.


This is the first thing I do every morning.  Set 5 to 10 minutes aside to gather your thoughts, clear your mind, and bring yourself into the current moment by being present.  Meditation does wonders.  If you take the time to do this daily you will see the difference.

Drink Water

Waking up from hours of resting can leave you feeling parched. Therefore you should quench your thirst with water.  Drinking water upon rising jump starts your system by getting things in the body circulating, helps you to not over eat, and helps you to have clearer skin among many other benefits.  Some people like to add lemon to their water for extra detoxifying properties but its totally up to you.  I personally drink my water plain.


Once you’ve done the first 3 items on this list grab a pen and paper or use an electronic device to write down your ideas, goals for the day, update your calendar, or write a journal entry.  This will help you get your mojo going for the day.  If you are feeling extra creative you can do my personal favorite which is write a song or a poem.  This really helps you get your creative juices flowing before your energy gets zapped out of you, if you have a typical uneventful routined 9-5 like I do.  I usually set my timer to 10 minutes for my creative morning sessions.

Make A Smoothie

Nourish your system with a nice fruit smoothie.  This will help boost your metabolism and you will be more likely to make healthier eating choices throughout the day since you had a healthy breakfast.

What are your tips for a productive morning routine?  Comment below.

Remember you only have one life so live it Be-U-tifully, by being you to the fullest.

Peace & Love,

Esther J


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