5 Instagram Pages I Love

Hello Loves,

It is the New Year and I still can’t get enough of instagram.  It’s like once I open the app to check on a notification I received on my phone, the scrolling begins lol.  I must admit, I am doing a little bit better since I have been limiting my time on social media.  But today I decided to share with you a list of my favorite Instagram accounts.


I love pretty much everything she stands for.  She is a wife, mother, vegan, and among other things she is a sex-expert.  Which are all #goals 🙂 (Most if not everyone on this list are vegans by the way)  I love how her page has a nice variety of inspirational, afrocentric, comedic, and yoni health posts.


She is a curvy vegan who is not afraid to flaunt her sexiness. She tends to discuss real issues women deal with and has a lot of positivity on her page. Aisha maintains her size by solely eating a vegan diet and does not exercise.  Guess who will be trying that? Me lol.  She also has a backup page which delves more into personal life experiences.


I first began following her journey on youtube as a hair guru.  Then she branched out into vlogging.  But now a days on her IG page you can not only see her beautiful growing family but also her journey to being vegan. Like me she mostly eats a plant based diet but occasionally eats seafood. I also love her sense of fashion.


She is a vegan however my favorite thing about her is that she is also a yogi.  Of course I hope to implement more yoga in my routine this year and master some of the yoga poses she practices on her IG. I also love how into crystals she is.


I love positivity.  So I love reading his posts, he always has something inspirational on his page to boost your mood.  He is also on youtube.

What are your favorite instagram pages?  Comment below.

Remember you only have one life so live it Be-U-tifully 🙂

Peace & Love,

Esther J

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