30 Days Raw Fruit & Veggie Challenge- Completed

Hello Loves,

Yesterday, marked the end of my 30 day raw fruit and veggie challenge.  I made it y’all!  Although I am glad it is over, I am also glad I did it.

Doing this challenge has helped me to somewhat regain my discipline when it comes to food.  Although if you ask any of my friends and family they will tell you, I am already pretty disciplined when it comes to food because my eating habits are usually different from everyone else.  Well take it from the person on this journey, (me) I am not that disciplined when it comes to food. I have a serious sweet tooth.

Unfortunately, I did fall off the wagon a couple of times during this challenge.  I had a fried plantain and a piece of chocolate (not in the same day but both of these are my weaknesses). However, I did not let these minor setbacks stop me.  I got right back on the wagon and focused until the end.

I did end up losing 9 lbs during this challenge, which may not seem like much, but keep in mind, I am already a little on the smaller side.  Also my goal was to change my eating habits by giving my system a break from the processed foods I eat throughout the year.

I recently read a passage in Lala’s book The Love Playbook where she states Serena Williams builds her summer body year round so she is always bikini ready.  I am making this my mantra so when summer gets here I will be ready too.

Never the less, moving forward:

1) I am aiming to eat dinner by 8 pm every night. (Which will allow my body enough time to digest the food in my system)

2) I will control my portions. (I am currently ok in this department but I want to be better at this)

3) I will aim to be in bed by 10:30 pm.  (Research suggests 7-9 hours of rest to allow the body enough time to heal & repair itself)

4) I am aiming to eat less seafood than what I ate previously before this challenge.  No more shrimp (hopefully.) I am planning on giving up all animal products for lent (February 14th through March 29th).  Yes, I will be a vegan during this time.

5) Starting February 1st (today) through the 7th I am challenging myself to eating fruits and veggies.  The difference with this challenge is the veggies can be cooked (not fried) and I can eat hummus 🙂 Yes beans, nuts, and seeds are allowed, just no grains (flour, rice, etc.)

I hope you enjoyed this post.  If you are inspired to do your own raw food challenge check out my previous posts for more information and tips.


30 Day Raw Fruit & Veggie Challenge

30 Day Raw Fruit & Veggie Challenge Update

If you have any questions regarding this challenge feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Remember you only have one life, so live it Be-U-tifully by being you to the fullest.

Peace & Love,

Esther J


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