Month: November 2017

My 2017 Christmas Wishlist

Hello Loves, Tomorrow is December and before you even know it Christmas will be here.  I have already been asked about what I would like for Christmas from my family and friends. So of course I thought to… Read More

Family Game Night | Thanksgiving 2017 Vlog

Hello Loves, This year’s Thanksgiving holiday weekend was definitely like none other.  I went from cooking for Thanksgiving, to cooking for my uncle’s repast (his funeral was that Saturday) to preparing my lunch for this week. Even though… Read More

Extreme Bedroom Makeover & Room Tour

Hello Loves, A couple month’s ago I did a blog post about my bedroom decor wish list, which featured items I was eyeing for my bedroom makeover.  In case you missed it you can check it out here.

Surprise Guests & A Birthday Milkshake Toast

Hello Loves, I know what you are thinking.  The title of this blog post is quite interesting.  A birthday milkshake toast?  Yes indeed lol 🙂  Isn’t that different?  Well during brunch I jokingly asked if we could have… Read More

Getting Back On Track With My Fitness Goals-Update

Hello Loves, A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog post about how I plan to get back on track with my fitness goals.  (If you missed this blog post you can check it out here.) This is very… Read More

Her Truths To Tell Chap 5D: Mon Premier Amour–No, I Did Not Abort

Dear My Cherished Companion, Let’s just pick up where we left off on the phone…”HELLO?! So what did she say? Out with it already” I said with little patience! “My parents decided to move me permanently to South… Read More

Her Truths To Tell Chap 5C: Mon Premier Amour–Keepin’ It Holy

Dear My Travel Lover, Let’s take a second to acknowledge my fine, youngest brother who’s celebrating his birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (DM me for his stats lol) and guess who still holds the mini Bible I sent in 2005… Read More

Birthday Celebration For My Bestie Rachelle

Hello Loves, I miss you guys!  It feels like I have not made a blog post in forever.  Hence, I will be going back to my usual routine schedule of writing two blog posts per week 🙂 Anyway… Read More

Her Truths To Tell…Chapter 5B: Mon Premier Amour Continued

    Dear My Travel Love Companion, I’m hiding out in the garage, contemplating…Deliberating…What should I do? Well, I have to woman up now right? Since I had sexual intercourse, I guess I’m no longer a child. You… Read More

Her Truths To Tell… Chapter 5A: Mon Premier Amour

  Dear My Travel ❤ Companion, We’ve talked about my being molested, sexually assaulted, abused as a child and we even spoke about my military madness right? Well, there’s one more thing–better yet–person that I want to talk… Read More