Month: October 2017

Her Truth To Tell… Chapter 2: Dealing With Molestation

Dear Reader, Well, for one, I won’t be calling you “Reader” anymore. We’re a little more than that now. We’ve been on this journey together for about two weeks so I guess we’re “talking” or if you want… Read More

Top 5 Websites I Visited In The Last Week

Hello Loves, The count down to my mom’s surprise birthday party is here!  I am excited, overwhelmed, and very preoccupied with my seemingly never ending to do list.  In reviewing my list I found myself constantly visiting a… Read More

Her Truth To Tell Chapter 1

Dear Reader, Do you remember the scene in movies where the little girl is running further in the woods with the black and white filter? She’s running and they show a shot of her looking back at the… Read More