Month: October 2017

Getting Back On Track With My Fitness Goals

Hello Loves, With the holidays right around the corner, it is very easy to fall off your normal eating regimen. All those cookies, donuts, and office parties filled with sweet addicting goodies are heading your way! Can you… Read More

Title: Her Truths To Tell…Chapter 4B…Spare The Rod A Little

Dear Survivor, You can leave the lights on because at the end of this, WE WIN!! Follow me to the top–the survivors summit. An ale zanmi’m (let’s go friend). My English professor taught me that fun facts were… Read More

Her Truths To Tell…Chapter 4A: Spare The Rod

Dear Survivor, I want to do something a little different this time. If you can, turn off your lights RIGHT NOW or go somewhere dark like a closet or sit in your car on your break (if it’s… Read More

My 10 Wishlist Items For This Fall

Hello Loves, I am not a fall person.  The temperatures begin to drop, people tend to stay indoors more, and it reminds me that snow is on its way.  I understand that it is inevitable that the seasons… Read More

Her Truths To Tell…Chapter 3D: Military Madness Cont’d Complete

Dear Fellow Comrade, Above ⬆️ you’ll find one of my receipts! I can’t give y’all all my personal files sheesh–but this shows y’all I’m legit. And no, I don’t need to embellish ANY of my experiences cause my… Read More

Her Truths To Tell…Chapter 3C: Military Madness Cont’d Again

Dear Battle, Let’s take a deep breath! We left off driving away on a Greyhound bus so we’re good right now. And besides, the ARMY staff doesn’t know where I’m heading do they? I was sure not to… Read More

A Birthday Celebration For My Mom

Hello Loves, I am sure many of us feel the same exact way about our mothers as I feel about mine. My mom is an awesome, caring, loving, and God fearing woman with a huge heart (just to… Read More

Her Truths To Tell…Chapter 3B: Military Madness Continued

Dear Battle Buddy, Let’s take a second to admire the hot pics above taken in the bathroom on post right after I stole back my suitcase. Don’t worry, you’ll understand this better as you read ??. So grab… Read More

Autumn Reggae Wine Festival

Hello Loves, I feel like it has been forever since I made a post. Well I am back with a video blog of my experience at the Autumn Reggae Wine Festival I attended this past weekend.

Her Truths To Tell…Chapter 3A: Military Madness

Dear Travel Mate, How you been? It feel like it’s been a while right? I know, I know—I missed you too! Glad we’re “reunited and it feels so good”! Anyhow, I wanted to change the mood some, because… Read More